Read now! 12 obvious signs you’re a procrastinator

Trendy word “procrastination” useful to justify literally anything: missed deadlines, laziness, unwillingness to do what is necessary. How to understand that this is not a temporary impulse, and the whole problem? If you answer “Yes” to at least half the points — it is time… for time!

Вита Зорина

Vita Zorina


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Vita Zorina
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Прочти сейчас! 12 явных признаков того, что ты - прокрастинатор

1. Sunday evening — the worst

Now I have to do all that was postponed for a week.

2. Reminders do not help

Your phone beeps — it’s time to work, and you can’t make it until three in the afternoon. And no reason no, but there are a lot of excuses.

3. You constantly make up excuses

And to spend more time than the work itself.

4. Trying different techniques concentration

But no, the sounds of the sea, no upbeat music, no special breathing is not helping. As well as Internet disconnection, meditation, energy drinks… Nothing!

5. Can’t do little but often

So the course is written per day, as a major research work. Little sleep, but managed!

6. Social networks are much in the way

But want to know what are you doing right now to everyone else!

7. Always complain that the day few hours

But really, you just lose the ones that have. Mostly in social networks and self-flagellation.

8. Constantly tired

You have to stay late to get things done, and get up early to procrastinate late. A vicious circle.

9. You write lists

And lists of lists. And so busy in order to work productively, to work no time left.

10. You’re not very happy with current job

If it is not, your inner genius just I would have opened!

11. Going to work — and it’s time to eat

And so each time.

12. Lay down a bit to rest and gain strength

Don’t listen to the alarm clock and sleep longer than I intended. And time again no…