Baby wipes can cause food allergies – study

Scientists conducted tests on mice and discovered a link between skin reactions and food allergies.

American experts have found a link between using baby wipes and the risk of developing food Allergy in children. Of the current study, writes the edition of Good Housekeeping.
Assume the connection they made that 35% of allergic children have some form of skin eczema. Scientists believe that the impact of wipes on the skin is one of the reasons food allergies, in addition to genetic predisposition.

To test this theory, the experts conducted a study in newborn mice. They have created a dysfunction of the skin barrier by changing some genes, as well as exposing them to dust and sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a part of wet baby wipes.

Then the mouse tried some food allergens (e.g. peanuts). The reaction was evident only in those mice whose skin had changed after exposure to simulated tissue. Animals with normal skin showed no signs of allergies.
Scientists note that while similar studies are not conducted with the participation of the people in the reason of Allergy development is still a lot of questions. However, from the point of view of science this is a big step forward.

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Photo: Getty images Russia