Due to a rare disease the boy can break bones, just smile at the mom

This little resident of Toronto, Canada almost no whole bones in the body – and he continues to receive all new fractures.

Recently on the portal Storytrender the history of Reiko Kinlan – boy with a rare disease, which he in his short life has experienced more than 500 bone fractures.

Osteogenesis imperfecta or the disease of the “crystal man” – a group of disorders genetic in nature, characterized by increased fragility of bones. The reason is insufficient number of collagen protein or its quality changes.

From Reiko – osteogenesis imperfecta type 3. In this disease of collagen in bone tissue is sufficient, but its quality is very different from the norm. Because of this anomaly, the boy is not growing and can’t walk. Reiko permanently injure bone, even if it’s just sitting and not moving. The first five fracture the boy suffered more in childbirth, yet eighty – first year of life.

The most fragile part of his body is the femur. They “broke” more than 100 times. Reiko has already gone through 11 operations in his limbs installed titanium rods, which are periodically displaced from the laid place.

Despite its unusual Reiko wants only one thing – to be treated like a normal kid. For this he sometimes hides from the parents of a new injury.

“This happens nowhere, says Jessica, mother of Reiko. – One day he just put his hand on the back of his brother and broke it. Another time he turned his head to me and smiled, and I heard a crack of breaking bones.”

According to parents, Reiko, they can not prevent injuries and can not predict at what point going to happen next. But sometimes the son surprised them when hitting a hard surface, it remains intact.

“With age, bones become less brittle, and we hope that he gets better.”

The boy uses a wheelchair. In the school near him is an assistant, but Jessica’s heart is always restless, because she doesn’t know what might happen to her son that day.

Sometimes, Reiko shows miracles of courage. Often fractures occur in school, but he suffers and nobody talks about them until you get home. The boy is worried that his classmates might get into trouble if he confesses.

Jessica: “He’s trying to hide from all injuries, because he wants to be the most normal kid. Many fractures we learn only by routine x-ray after a few weeks.”

The disease imposes a strong constraint on the boy’s life. From hobby he only allowed video and Board games. Despite all the concern about her son, his mother believes that he is gifted and can succeed in life. But Jessica has no confidence in the future of their child.

“Children with osteogenesis imperfecta may die at any moment. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

In Russia, issues of care for patients with osteogenesis imperfecta engaged in charitable Fund “Fragile people”. For almost 10 years his staff are working to attract attention of society and the state to the problems of people with bone abnormalities. The Foundation also organizes health care for children and adults becomes should back the purchase for their rehabilitation, psychological support and organizes camps for children and teenagers.

More information on the work of the charity Fund “Fragile people” you will find on the website hrupkie.ru.