10 myths and misconceptions about panic attacks

For many panic attacks is not some strange experiences of the characters in the American TV series. These are real problems that prevent to live and, most importantly, which are virtually impossible to remove by yourself. People suffering from panic attacks, living in this hell, surrounding yourself with fears and myths. Here are a few such myths and we were asked to dispel specialist panic attacks and VSD, psychologist Alexei Krasikov.

Снежана Грибацкая

Snezhana Hrebacka


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Snezhana Hrebacka
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10 мифов и заблуждений о панических атаках

Myth # 1: a panic attack is a heart attack or vascular

Actually, panic attack is only a sharp fear! Those physiological processes that occur with a person at this time, due to a strong release of adrenaline. First, a person gets scared of new unknown experiences, and then bring your fear to a state of panic. It’s not an attack, it acts like adrenaline.

Myth # 2: panic attacks outwear heart

Proven that anxiety attacks and bouts of joy, nothing to wear out. Acute fear, like any emotion, is worked by the body to natural. For the myocardium, there is no difference whether you run on a treadmill with a pulse of 160 to 170 or something frightened the same pulse. For the heart is absolutely not important for what reason it does its job. Wear of the myocardium is one of the myths that lead people into even more trouble. Nothing wears out. The heart works in a natural mode.

Myth # 3: panic attacks can lead to death

Not one panic attack to the death may not lead. Panic is equivalent to any emotions. You, for example, are not afraid to die from joy. For the body there is no difference, are you glad, worried, panicking. This myth taken from the stories of the so-called age of medicine. When my grandmother said: “Less nervous, it’s dangerous”. In fact to old age is typed in a number of cardiac diseases in which acute emotional outbursts can lead to certain consequences. But if you was examined and very healthy, neither positive nor negative emotions to heart health relationships have not.

Myth # 4: a panic attack is a symptom of some disease

In fact, a panic attack is not a symptom is a sharp fright. But it originated on the background of vegetative stress, which people then frightened. And autonomic stress occurs due to emotional disorders which in medicine is called neurosis. So look for problem in your own emotional States that led to such vegetative reactions.

Myth # 5: panic attack publicly visible

In fact, panic and all that with you when it happens, it is not seen. You only think it can be seen, therefore, there is a shame which can only strengthen it. From the outside it seems like you’re in a hurry and very excited about something, late or forgot something at home.

Myth # 6: having a panic attack can lead to schizophrenia

Schizophrenia as a pathology of the large psychiatry, and panic attack are two completely different directions. Panic attack develop on the background of neurotic emotional disorders. They are completely reversible and does not lead to organic changes. But schizophrenia is a genetic disease or acquired through injury of the cerebral cortex. No panic attacks, no nervousness, no IRR can not go in schizophrenia. No bridge between these disorders is not.

Myth # 7: panic attacks are just sick people

In all of my years of experience working with entrepreneurs, business people, Housewives, students and politicians, I was convinced that the panic attacks as manifestations of neurotic disorders, exposed to everything. Neurosis — a scourge of our time.

Myth # 8: having a panic attack dangerous loss of control

In fact, no control is lost. On the contrary, when the release of adrenaline, the body mobilizes all the power, knowledge, protection functions and so on. All the senses sharpened to the maximum. People under the influence of a panic, concerned about the salvation.

Myth # 9: as soon as possible need to be panic stopped

It is based on previous myths where people think that panic can cause death or schizophrenia. The main principle of working with panic attack — nowhere to run, nothing to do. Treat your tension with understanding and if you want to, with humor. You need to relax, to accept things, to smile. “Well, come on! I feel sick, but I know that I’m always safe. It’s just that my emotional state”.

Myth No. 10: it is necessary that during a panic attack have a number of people

Remember, you’re not sick! You don’t need an ambulance. You don’t need to get someone saved. It is an illusion called “panic”. You have to prove to myself that fear and anxiety are absolutely safe. Do not pull on a leash husband, girlfriend that they supposedly had to call an ambulance. With your attacks you should handle itself. Need to prove to myself that I just have a habit to be frightened.

P. S. the Most important thing in panic attacks is to learn to understand the nature of vegetative stress. If you want to deal with them, you need to understand that the panic is a consequence of the wrong interpretation of your state. If you can explain this, it is easy to cope with it. And then, together with the psychologist you have to find the reasons that cause this same condition.