SMP hospital is disputing the claim of the Ministry of emergency situations to transfer seriously ill patients from the fifth floor

The city emergency hospital of Volgodonsk (Rostov region) has delayed the implementation of the provisions of EMERCOM of Russia, concerning transfer of critically ill patients from the fifth to the first floor.

The next time the site inspection on control over execution of orders on elimination of violations of fire safety requirements dated 24 October 2017, the inspectors found that it was not in full, namely: the house for sale is located on the fifth floor of the main building in the Department of anesthesiology and reanimatology. While the Rules on fire-prevention mode, it is determined that the chamber for seriously ill adults and children should be placed on the first floors of buildings.

In November 2017, the Agency again issued an order to eliminate violations in the period until may 15, 2018, However, the hospital appealed to the court, asking to invalidate it, citing the fact that the MOE “gives the Agency additional responsibilities not stipulated by the law.”

According to the representative of hospitals, 8,500 are hospitalized annually for beds – hospital, seriously ill people to treat about 1,000 patients. In the treatment in the intensive care unit need only 500 people (on average). Thus, the part of seriously ill patients receive medical care in specialized departments located on the 2nd floor of the main building. So, nothing to worry about.

But the court disagreed with this position and recognized the requirement of the MOE reasonable. “Violation of fire safety rules poses a direct threat to life and health of patients in serious condition with a restriction or inability of independent movement, and the violations affect the efficiency of the process forced the evacuation of seriously ill people from institutions of premises in case of fire”, – stated in the decision, which has not yet entered into force.

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