The doctors just shrug: the young gymnast who broke his neck during a failed jump, after 4 days stood on his feet

14-year-old boy now being called a medical miracle because this case of healing the world practice have not seen.

Doctors at Bristol children’s hospital did not believe that Aiden HORSLEY ever will walk again, according to Storytrender.

14-year-old boy, who every day for three hours were engaged in acropomatidae and acrobatics, during a workout in the garden with his brothers – 11-year-old Ryan and 8-year – old Liam made a hasty jump on the trampoline and broke his neck.

The doctors who examined Aidan at the hospital, told his parents that people with similar injuries on their legs no longer walk.

“When our son was taken to Bristol children’s hospital, we understand the seriousness of the incident. We believed that he can’t go because of the shock”.

Due to serious damage to the cervical vertebrae Aidan was paralyzed. Computed tomography showed that multiple bone fragments literally flew into his spinal cord.

The doctors recommended emergency surgery to install a titanium plate and element of the femur to the back of the neck to protect the tissue from further damage.

Aiden himself looked good, asked the nurses not to give my mother cry and all refined, can he again engage in acrobatics.

After surgery, Aidan was told to lie still for 12 hours, warning that only a few days he will be allowed to sit up in bed.

But the next morning, Monday, when the boy came to the doctor, he showed unexpected results.

“The doctor sat down on the bed at the feet of my son and asked him to touch her foot. He almost pushed her off the bed!”

On Wednesday, Aidan took his first steps. The doctors shrugged and did not believe that this is the same boy who only days ago was completely paralyzed. Spending in the hospital only 13 days, Aidan went home… on their feet.

Doctors called this case “a medical miracle” and asked his parents permission to use the results of its survey and a hospital map for further research.

Within six months he had to wear a special collar which was impossible to remove even in the shower. Now Aidan is healthy and has returned to sports – the trampoline but my mum has removed.