10 things you don’t owe

Whether you like it or not, but the older I get, the more you have accumulated social debt. Each of us has someone that has to, that’s life. But some believe that you owe them something simply on the grounds that they both want. And directly the list you give. Well, fine, let them. We also have a list. What you do not have anyone.

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10 вещей, которые ты никому не должна

To be pretty

The first requirement for a woman as well. Beautiful to be, of course, nice and easy — in that case, if nature has endowed you generously. And if you’re 20 years old. And then the beauty requires some effort, certainly not about the victim. Corsets and lead dust long ago abolished, but in General nothing has changed. Not if you’re a big fan of the achievements of the beauty industry — and fine, enjoy. But if it’s not — you don’t have to spend valuable time of my life on a endless improve their appearance. Just don’t have, period.

To be nice

All smile, no one can deny, and in any case not to offend anyone. And all around such a delicate Constitution! Transparent directly. In practice, this means that you should be comfortable. “Not to offend” — so don’t be offended when you offend. Yes, it is. Should fight back, you get called a bitch familiar? But the question arises: if you have to be “cute”, why those who demand it, even you are not pretty? No, you don’t owe them, that’s what. Be nice to those who nice to you.

To be sexy

Your boyfriend probably thinks so, right? And you want to be sexy for him, which is quite natural. And all the other people have what relation to your sexuality? You’re not hired to please their eyes, right? To raise their self-esteem, excite their eyes, to show sexual appeal. Not hired, right. Accordingly — and should not. If you don’t want. And for those who wish to get excited all the services of the modern sex industry. Online let look at the sexy picture.

To be feminine

The refrain from my childhood — “You’re a girl, you should”. Said it all, and you are no exception. The problem is that all girls are different. That is quite natural for one, because it’s the essence of her nature, the other an agony to witness. You may feel that this requirement is something true, because there is a symmetrical “You must, otherwise you are not a man”. Nothing of the sort. To the man who does not behave like a man, many will be lenient. He knows it, but because I am convinced that I owe nothing. And why do you suddenly have?

Someone to report

On his one and only life. You’re a big girl and don’t have anyone to explain why you did so, and not otherwise. You have the right to make independent decisions, even when they concern not you. But you in the first place, right? And it’s not egoism, and the elemental protection of its own borders. Because too many around wanting these boundaries to break and make an inventory inside you. What, actually,?

To whom to justify

About their beliefs or actions. The most difficult — personal life, of course. Why you dumped him, he’s such a good boy? Why you’re not married yet, do not take you, or what? Even if these types of questions you ask a seemingly friendly, you still feel guilty. Did not meet expectations! And you, of course, just want everyone around to explain that it is not your fault, it happened. No reason to do it. There is no need at all to spend a resource to people who look at you like a kitten. So look in the mirror.

To highlight the details of his relationship

Everyone loves to tell a story about how they met a partner. And like all such stories to listen to. The problem is that some people this is not enough. They want details, not only acquaintances, but in your whole life. Had a fight? What did he say? And you? You answer, because that kind of person as sincerely interested, not to be rude to him in response. So: he’s rude. Roughly invades your personal space. Let the series looks and reads the society pages — there is something to make money.

To accept other people’s beliefs

Near you there are probably people who fervently believe in some idea of the good life. In vegetarianism, for example. If they believe recently — you will not be easy. There is such a thing — the enthusiasm of the neophyte. Person that has joined any idea, so inspired by the “truth”, that would immediately make everyone around him happy. And those who do not agree, arguing desperately. You may find it easier to accept that you already left behind. But it’s not. You will have to wait for matching one’s convictions — why are you doing this?

Always say “Yes”

You have the right to deny anyone and anything. The problem is that it’s hard to do if you’re used to always say “Yes.” This is a subtle movement: you’re afraid to offend people, then you worry for a long time, blame myself, think would agree, nothing wrong, would have suffered. Are you so exhausting that in the next similar situation you say “Yes” absolutely automatically. Well, nothing. Who do you say that the man you refused, so for this reason experienced? “No” is a normal word, it doesn’t make you worse. It at all does not define you. Because to agree on everything, you really should not.

To ask for forgiveness

You’re supposed to do it, and the conflict will be settled. But if he’s not exhausted? Or do you not regret your action? Or receiving forgiveness from this man you do not care? Don’t apologize just because so it is accepted. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want. Moreover, this can only aggravate the situation. You just gave credit to the formalities, and people believe that you seriously think that was wrong. And here it is, the ground for a new conflict.