Why he left without saying goodbye?

Parting is always painful. But there’s nothing worse than a situation in which your sweetheart leaves you in silence. Without explanation and without saying goodbye. “Why did he do that?” is the question we want to answer. At least now.

Снежана Грибацкая

Snezhana Hrebacka


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Snezhana Hrebacka
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Почему он ушел, не прощаясь?

He is a manipulator

And really anywhere he left and hid around the corner and waiting, when are you going to rush him screaming “my love, come back, do you do this to me?” Or even not come back. Just “why?!”, maybe “you prick, though!”. Almost no one is able to keep your hands to yourself when a relationship ends suddenly and without explanation. Even if we don’t want them to continue, we want to talk about. Finally. We want to make a point, and there is not even an ellipsis, it’s just a torn page with the final. And it will haunt us for a long time. A very long time. That’s why the sudden disappearance is a great tool for manipulation: you alone will drive yourself to distraction trying to figure out what happened — and you can take nicely. And impose their will on you.

He is a coward

Cowardly men like to wear masks “a real man” — brutal laconic macho, which is devoid of “female things”. Under “chick stuff” he means normal human interaction. Which includes conflicts, Yes. The conflicts are absolutely normal, but the coward doesn’t understand it because he is afraid. If the coward fancies himself an esthete, he picturesquely sigh, roll your eyes and say, “Oh, women’s tears is beyond me!” If the coward thinks that he’s a tough guy, through his teeth cast a contemptuous: “Babskie tantrums the last thing I want!” In fact, he just very scary. He is afraid of conflict because it is afraid of relationships. He just doesn’t know how to be. Physically present, emotionally well — sitting in a hole, degryse nails and whispers, “what if something happens?”

He infantile

The boy is a Bunny. Detinska may be forty years, but development has stopped on the crisis of three years, because he behaves so far. Have you ever seen how kids snatch my hand from his mother’s palm and sternly knitting spouts, stamp wherever they suddenly wanted? Silently, naturally, and without explaining anything. Because you don’t even know how, and can not be able to, and should not be too early. Here some comrades are permanently stuck in this stage of development, and to do this nothing is impossible, unfortunately. We can only rejoice that he is finally gone. Because if you still catch up and ask what the hell he did that, the answer is, “what’s wrong?”

He’s a liar

Nasty type, from which are not insured none of us, unfortunately. And to prevent the situation almost impossible because the cheaters don’t play. They just live and benefit from this incredible pleasure. If you rush to search for her missing beloved, you may well find that he is outside the single, and happy husband and father of three kids, and his name, by the way, quite differently. And, by the way, are you still gonna go easy on you, if so. Because cheaters rarely used his gift only for the sake of fun. Usually at the same time they are pulling out of gullible women’s money.

He’s just a ghoul

Some prefer to use the expression “energy vampire”, but it too smacks of mysticism. It seems to us that “ghoul” is a word much more succinct and perfectly reflects the moral nature of a sadist, who, in fact, a ghoul is. He knows that at any moment can return. He knows that he will see you tortured. And, leaving, he’s looking forward to this moment. Om-nom-nom delicious. Try not to give him this pleasure, okay?

No, it’s not you

There are no really good reasons, which could cause a person to suddenly break off relations. Don’t just disappear — for this reasons, the weight, unfortunately – namely, to break. And you don’t have any reason to regret that he did what he did. And there’s no reason to deal out and figure out what you could not do so. Because it’s not you. It’s him. To hell with it.