I’m a girl! How not to behave in the company of men

When fate throws us into the unusual environment, for example,
the cave of the Yeti or the men’s team, we often operate on the same
of the typical scenarios. Alas, these behavioral patterns will not help
you gained popularity among programmers gloomy or be
the division commander, bearded and thoughtful physicists. On the contrary, they
slowly but surely lead to career failure women, managed to be in the Kingdom of testosterone. Talk about the most common schemes.

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Я же девочка! Как не надо вести себя в мужском коллективе

Delicate fairy

Sit down, ask for help, in need of benefits. The weak link is not so fragile, how she sounds. The man who for the amusement of the entire office for an hour trying to turn the computer into an outlet, in other conditions cleverly uses a Jack. Mode “I the same girl” is activated as soon as the field of view is at least a couple of puny nerds.

PROSPECTS: “You’ll be referred either to clumsy or to employees with whom it is dangerous to be around” — gives the forecast the psychologist and career consultant Anna Gurevich. High likelihood of becoming the object of ridicule and practical jokes. Urgently change tactics, otherwise it is unlikely that you would trust something more responsible than the talks with the pizza delivery service.


Puts a vase with flowers on the table from the boss, gives tips and pancakes. Excessively cheerful member of the team who feeds others with homemade cakes and best of all knows, what wilt cacti. After the trial period “mommy” starts pretty annoying. It’s one thing to report that the street is stormy, and quite another not to let outside those badly tied scarf. Tutored co-workers try to circumvent it, just to skip the traditional lecture “Treatment of migraine with leeks”.

OUTLOOK: Prepare for the fact that colleagues will treat you like his own shadow. With all the ensuing consequences. This lady noticed only when it “charges” something needed: paper clips, an extra pen, a taxi. Learn not to give unsolicited advice and first and foremost take care of yourself.

Your guy

Trying to merge with bristly environment. No, she does not fight, but simply slaps the fellow on the shoulder. However, from the girl bass laughs at the joke about the blonde, I want to steer clear away. It is risky to assume that the key to success is to copy the habits of a drunken mechanic from the garage. And even more dangerous to confuse the name of the coach of the football team, when you are abused it was worth. This is not goodbye.

OUTLOOK: “We perceive everyone in a particular role, for example: girlfriend, wife. Everything that is somewhere in the middle-not man, not woman, we unconsciously treat with caution, sometimes even hostile. Rather think about their gender, otherwise you’ll be left without a support group,” warns Anna Gurevich.


Eager to all be friends, whispering and gossiping. Knows how to hold a conversation, can confidentially ask the boss bras what size is his mistress. Yes, that plump, with which he saw in a movie. Maintains the level of intimacy inherent in a late-night talk show: talking about the success of your child, do not forget to mention the contents of his handkerchief. Collects for each employee of the dirt to a secret pass it on.

OUTLOOK: This girl confuses activity with productivity. But even if “girlfriend” manages to fulfill its responsibilities in the end it will spoil the relationship with those about whom gossips. That is all.


Flirting, you’ll be the ability to wink to the two companions at the same time. “Beauty” never takes off the stilettos. Believes that the correct slit on the skirt gives it a significant competitive advantage. Leaping laughing bad joke of a caretaker, which slightly delays the meeting. Colleagues are afraid to approach her even for a regular sharpener: it allows the mood to make jokes about the dimensional range of pencils.

PROSPECTS: According to Olga Dementieva, this type is in any male team. On some positions to be always charming and attractive naturally, for example, if you’re the Secretary. But when advances exceed allowable limits, and the length of the dress stops even remotely resemble the rules of the office dress code, she risks to say goodbye to dreams of a successful career in the firm.

The bride

Looking for a husband in this Department… and in the next, perhaps, too… the Lady, tuned to a serious relationship is not quite working seriously. Can confidently find out who the regional Manager horoscope. If not exactly Fire Monkey? And although at the time of Abraham he is like a Primate, in flames, runes of fate will not allow them to merge into a single entity: the coming separation, signed on the agreement of the parties.

OUTLOOK: If the “bride” does not set aside horoscopes and intelligence-gathering before the weekend, the career Outlook bleak. But to abandon light flirting at work not necessarily.