Researchers: doctors accepting fewer patients, get more positive reviews

Doctors that accept fewer patients, get more positive feedback than those who perform more work, according to Reuters.

The researchers studied data 665 urologists working in hospitals of the state of California, analyzing the number of patients they accept and the character received from patients online reviews. Half of the participants treated at least 426 patients enrolled in Medicare in 2014.

The results showed that, overall, doctors who treated fewer patients, had higher scores. It is noted that on a scale of 1 to 5 doctors working in fundamental medicine, on average scored 4.2 points compared to 3.7 points among their colleagues outside the academic environment.

According to the authors of a study from the Medical school at Washington University in St. Louis, explanations of the reasons for this Association may be few, but their hypothesis is that “patients are happier if they spend less time in line at the reception and more on communication with the specialist.”

“Patients appreciate the efficiency, accessibility and communication,” noted the authors.

It is noted that the study was not a controlled experiment designed to prove whether the amount of patients to influence satisfaction ratings on the web sites.

Detail on the work carried out stated in an article published in the journal JAMA Surgery.