Hands off the foreskin!

Shulamith Wolfson

Pediatrician, https://sppm.su/vebinary

I can not quote a great surgeon, urologist, MD J. E. Rudin: “the Procedure is one-stage complete removal of the head does not have medical indications, mindless, very painful, traumatic and harmful.”

Do you hear? Painful, pointless and very harmful!! Don’t touch boys and the doctors don’t let. Seriously.

Now just wait a kite with my son and watch, and repeat that categorically do not consent to rough mechanical opening of the head.

It is a practice. Now to the theory:

  • Laid all this stuff, including the foreskin, quite early, another 2 month of fetal development. In normal healthy full-term newborn was small and ends of such an elongated tube of the foreskin.

  • This tube does NOT open! This physiological phimosis! There are kids who have everything open right from birth, but it happens not very often. The vast majority of boys are all closed. The norm!

  • With the growth of the child two things. Growing the glans ITSELF pushes the foreskin, as the leaf, making the way of the kidneys. And the child, in the process of studying his body, pulls the penis and thereby stretches the foreskin.

  • Two words about Masturbation. First, this is normal. Not bad and not ashamed. And secondly, to masturbate children begin, often after 3-5 years. The vast majority of cases, this occurs in boys and girls equally: children begin to RUB his groin the corners of the furniture or on the bed. The task of parents in this case, gently, not focusing the child’s attention, to convince a child to do this so that other people can’t see.

    When little, a year maybe, the boy pulls his dick is not Masturbation. This is a banal study of the body and its capabilities.

    Passes as quickly as it attempts to walk on eggshells or grind your teeth while awake or make weird sounds, etc.

  • Different authors, different stats, but the trend is all one: the vast majority of children with physiological phimosis is for 3-6 years, quite independently, those who have not passed the age of 6 years – will take place in 12. If stored physiological phimosis and to 12 years – need more consultation with a urologist. Or send to wait up to 16 years, or is not a physiological phimosis and something else.

  • Caring for the penis of a child is very simple: wash water during the normal hygienic baths/washing. All. Nothing more to do.

  • The violent opening of the head, just during the inspection or, especially, on the background of local infection provokes the development of cicatricial phimosis! If physiological phimosis, often spontaneously, scar have to operate to remove the accreted and deformed remnants of the foreskin and expose the glans penis (circumcision).

  • If you saw the penis of a child (under the skin) white spots or stripes is smegma. If you saw from under the foreskin while washing, a white-yellow grease is smegma. If the penis is sore, nothing aches, urination painless and the urine looks normal, the tip of the penis is not red – don’t do anything!! All this infant smegma will come on their own, trying to get her out of there forcibly you probably gonna get infected.

  • Have to go to a urologist if:

    • The child blushed, the tip of the penis and/or penis itself

    • The child from under the glans pus

    • The child is inflated the tip of the penis when the baby pees

    • The boy hurt (and most of all – VERY painful!) write

    • The child has repeated urinary tract infections and/or balanite and balanoposthitis (inflammation of the foreskin and the penis)

    The doctor will examine the child (not forcibly removing the head!!!), make a diagnosis and recommend either a topical treatment (baths with antiseptics and antibiotic ointments) or operative treatment (circumcision). The choice of treatment depends on the diagnosis: in normal inflammatory process against the background of physiological phimosis, usually, enough local of healing; frequent infections or when cicatricial phimosis can be shown the operation.

  • Quite often the doctor can be recommended for soft removal of the head (after repeated infections, excessive accumulation of smegma, in the increased anxiety of parents, etc.). The essence of soft removing the head is that 2-4 times a week during ordinary hygienic baths, and the parents alone to gently push back the foreskin (without the head!), without causing the child discomfort. Gradual stretching of the foreskin can lead the head within a few months. Often along with this excretion is recommended to use a special hormone creams that help to remove soft and friable adhesions (synechia) and release the head faster.

  • Of course, small text can not fit all options for possible problems with the foreskin from a baby.

    If something is causing your doubt, or anxiety, if you feel that something is wrong – contact your doctor.

    And remember:

    The key rule of any “work” with the penis of the child: no violence! Gradually, carefully, without haste and without pain.

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