Sing, swallow, sing: how karaoke affects our health and beauty

That in karaoke you can take heart and cheer yourself up, know everything. However surprising to many will be that doctors suggest to use this entertainment as a curative method.


The opinion of scientists about karaoke

Proponents of a healthy lifestyle can feel free to include karaoke in your must-do along with a proper diet and Jogging in the Park. Singing does not only improves health but also has beneficial effects on all organs. And it is proven fact by scientists.

Study karaoke as a method of therapy conducted by German scientists and found, singing will not only enhance the body’s powerful healing processes, but also promotes psychological relaxation and stress reduction. Russian experts also believe that proper vibrations during singing purify the mind and are beneficial to the body. What happens there?

“From a physiological point of view, the benefits of regular singing is improving the supply of oxygen to the body organs, says co-founder karaoke venue “Quadrille” Nikita Tataev. Doctors confirm that systematic vocal lessons promote ventilation of the lungs and stimulate the respiratory muscles. Breathing exercise is a quick and deep inhalation, breath holding and slow exhalation, during which a person stretches the vowels, so it looks like a professional lesson in singing. Accumulate as a result of carbon dioxide activates the immune system. Propekanie and stretching vowels normalize the heartbeat and can even function as a painkiller. In addition, vibrations generated by sound waves has a beneficial effect on the gallbladder and liver, increasing the flow of bile and optimizing digestion. Low-frequency oscillations of the voice stimulate blood circulation in arteries and veins, and the high frequency increase the circulation in the capillaries. No wonder musicians often have a well developed chest: proper breathing professional singing significantly strengthen the heart muscle”.

Karaoke as a method of treatment of stuttering

“Daily practice karaoke a beneficial effect on the nervous system, raises self esteem and improves concentration, – says Nikita Tataev. – Karaoke like anywhere else, you can without harm to others to throw out negative emotions and fill yourself with joy. During rhythmic singing in the blood large quantities of endorphins, and these hormones contribute to emotional stability. Expressing own emotions through voice, you can get rid of the easiest form of stuttering, as during the singing of the vowels in a singsong voice smoothed out, shifting the accent from the first syllable (the most difficult for a stuttering person) on the subsequent syllables. Advantages of singing lessons is the training of diction”.

Singing as a way of rejuvenation

Solo karaoke performance today are wildly popular. Serious businessmen take vocal lessons from professionals in order to acquire the skill of speaking. Karaoke copes with various complexes. And as a bonus – a noticeable facial rejuvenation. “Thanks to the active facial expressions while singing the shape of the face remains clear and taut, but as the man spends a lot of calories on exercise of the diaphragm, the abdominal muscles in the process of stretching the melodic vowels are tightened, creating a beautiful relief, explains the phenomenon of karaoke Nikita Tutaev. – Regular singing karaoke enhances skin tone, improves posture and complexion, wrinkles and even strengthens the muscles of the neck.”