The mother warns the child car seat may not work if the parents make one mistake

Mother of two-month girl told the story a must read for all parents.
To transport small children in the car is permissible only in special restraints – autolanka and car seats. The only way a parent can ensure the child’s safety in the event of an accident. However, there are situations in which the car seat may not work.
American Hannah McKinney was in the car with her two-month daughter Robin when they got in a terrible accident. Her minivan rolled over twice, and the girl slipped out of the car seats and got a few cuts. More serious injuries were avoided, but the very fact that the child slipped, forced Hannah to think about.
Robin, daughter of Hannah McKinneyis a Specialist in car seats told her that the crib complies with all the standards and have been properly installed, but Hannah made rasprostranennoe error: mounted on the straps lining of sheepskin to the little girl was softer. Because of this, at the moment of impact the girl just slipped from his seat – with the standard straps this would not have happened.

“Please, please, please, people, don’T install anything in a car seat that doesn’t offer the manufacturer. In the accident that deprives you of any warranty,” wrote Hannah on his page on Facebook after the accident. “It may look nice and be very soft but will do nothing for the safety of your child.”

Those nozzles are made of sheepskinManufacturers of car seats, as a rule, warn that any foreign accessory – whether a mirror, a nozzle on the straps, etc. – can play a fatal role in the accident. Each seat is tested in crash tests, but it is installed in the machine, which then is sold. And only in this case the manufacturer can guarantee safety.