Electric, bananas, herbal inhalation therapy, and other effective methods of dealing with insomnia

Biologists believe that adult for healthy sleep need of 7-8 hours. But is not only the number of hours and quality of sleep…


Healthy is considered a good night’s sleep without frequent awakenings, which relieves tiredness, brings a charge of vivacity and good mood. If the same person could not sleep, constantly waking up, and in the morning, feels frustrated, experiences headaches, apathy, decreased performance, so he has trouble sleeping. What factors affect the quality and duration of sleep how to overcome insomnia and Wake up correctly, says our expert – Olga Freilich, psychiatrist, therapist Center health and beauty Alean family resort Family Resort&Spa Biarritz.

Why the body to sleep

During sleep, starts the recovery mechanism spent per day mental and physical resources of the body. The brain analyzes and structures the information received during the day, organizes neural connections, in other words, “lay on the shelves” information and emotions. During prolonged wakefulness the brain is not possible to “restore order”, which leads to decreased concentration, poor memory. As a result the person becomes difficult to make decisions and to understand the traditionally simple tasks for him.

In the process of sleep restores the nervous system cells, damaged cells and tissues of the internal organs and skin, normal functioning of the heart. Due to prolonged wakefulness may experience hormonal disruptions, impaired metabolism, reduced immunity, there is a predisposition to infections.

Due to the lack of sleep is discreetly electrical activity of the body, the brain and other organs can’t regenerate, so the person feels “overwhelmed” tired. All this leads to a deterioration in thinking, mood and irritability. In some cases, you may receive some disorientation and speech disturbance.

From a medical point of view, is considered to be chronic insomnia, which lasts more than 2-3 weeks in a row. However, even if a person has difficulty falling asleep for more than 3 nights in a row, you should consult a doctor to determine the cause of the problem is acute insomnia, which may develop chronic.

Insomnia affects about 30% of men and 35% women. But clear statistics on the number of people suffering from insomnia, there, as many do not give much importance to the lack of sleep and do not seek help from professionals.

How dangerous lack of sleep

Due to lack of sleep the human body does not have time to recover, which leads to health problems, low immunity, susceptibility to infectious disease, problems with memory, mood, concentration, and speech disorders.

Lack of sleep leads to increased production of the hunger hormone and people suffering from insomnia, often feel the need for fatty and sweet foods.Thus, the constant lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. Moreover, during sleep, produce serotonin, the so called “happy hormone”. The result of insomnia can lead to depression, which in turn provokes a feeling of hunger.

In addition, the lack of sleep has a negative impact on emotional state: people with chronic insomnia have increased excitability, irritability.

What prevents us awake

The most common factors that can cause insomnia include:

  • intense physical and mental stress,
  • emotional distress
  • stress,
  • the consumption of food, beverages and drugs that excite neural activity before bedtime.

Sleep problems can occur because of disorders of the circadian rhythm (daily routine), for example, after a flight or night work. Sometimes the sleep disturbance causes long-term use of large doses of hypnotics, antidepressants, drugs for the treatment of bronchial asthma, cardiovascular diseases. Women have difficulty falling asleep may occur in the premenstrual and menstrual periods.

Moreover, insomnia often affects people with diseases of the heart, nervous and digestive systems, skin and endocrine diseases.

Insomnia in young parents rather forced phenomenon due to the fact that little children often Wake up at night. The only exception is women with postpartum depression.

In General, parents are able to sleep properly, it is necessary to build the mode of feeding the child, after consulting with the pediatrician. Thus, as they grow older the time between feedings will increase and baby, and with it the parents will be able to sleep at night. Naturally, good sleep contributes to segregation of duties. For example, in the first half of the night to deal with awakened child dad and a second mom.


How to return the sleep

To deal with insomnia independently the following methods:

  • Go to bed at the same time;

  • Ventilate the room before bedtime;

  • Not to eat 2 hours before bedtime, and the evening ration to limit the consumption of vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products;

  • Drink before bedtime the warm milk or water with honey;

  • Do not load the brain in the evening and refuse to solve complex problems;

  • Prefer reading books to watching news or movies, causing a surge of emotion, for example horror movies;

  • To walk in the fresh air before bedtime;

  • Given that often the cause of insomnia is stress, possibly it is necessary to get rid of it or solve the problem, or to put it “on pause”.

In addition, to get rid of sleep problems help treatments. Good sleep promotes physical activity and increased tone during the day, in other words, by evening the body needs a bit tired. In order to increase the reactivity, it is recommended to take aerogydromassage bath. Due to the pressure and impact of directed water jets with bubbles increases circulation, which tones the body and helps to useful fatigue. Aerogydromassage baths are especially recommended for people leading a sedentary lifestyle, for example, office workers.

To eliminate insomnia help massage, particularly the neck area and the scalp, where there are a large number of receptors responsible for relaxation. The massage should be soft, with light strokes, without serious pressure. Thus, the body relaxes and the person often falls asleep during the procedure.

The soothing effect of herbal inhalation, for example, with a decoction of chamomile or motherwort. Due to massive inhalation, molecules of herbs through sensory receptors in the mucosa of the nose directly enter the brain, thus quickly calms the nervous system.

As physiotherapy is recommended electric. During the procedure using electrodes in a brain is supplied a current of low frequency, in the cortex, changes in brain activity similar to how it happens in my dreams. In other words, the electric is a physical simulation of a traditional sleep. Thanks to the procedure the body gets the opportunity to rest and recover.

If the traditional “home” methods and treatments do not help to solve sleep problems, you must consult a doctor who will prescribe medication. Generally, experts prescribe sedatives on the basis of herbs, such as motherwort tincture or Valerian pills that are dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription. In the case when herbal preparations are not effective, doctors prescribe a prescription sleep medication. However, it is important to note that they cannot be taken for more than 5 consecutive days.

To eat or not to eat? That is the question

Foods will certainly affect the quality of sleep. For example, if no later than 2-3 hours before sleep is “light” products, such as vegetable salad, fruit or drink low-fat yogurt, then the dream will be full and calm. Whereas after a heavy hearty dinner, especially the meat, the food stays in the stomach until the morning, which causes discomfort. Soft drinks, strong tea, coffee, dark chocolate, alcohol, orange juice, as nicotine stimulates your nervous system, interfere with good sleep, forcing the digestive system to work.

To enhance the natural production of melatonin, a hormone that provides a good night’s sleep, recommended to include in your daily diet cherries and walnuts, and also add in their own menu more products-suppliers of magnesium – fruits, vegetables, bananas, cabbage, almonds. And a glass of warm milk with a spoonful of honey, drink it in the evening, closer to sleep onset.

Rise and Shine!

Of course, healthy sleep has a positive effect on mood, and in his absence the person becomes depressed and irritable.

In order to Wake up in the morning in a good mood, it is important to go to sleep in accordance with your own rhythm: “lark” early “owls” later. In other words, the desire to go to sleep against the wishes of the body is not conducive to good awakening.

Good sleep promotes summing up the night day’s results and plan the next. Thus, the person develops a sense of confidence, perfection and tranquility.

Immediately after waking up, lying in bed, it is useful to do a few deep breaths, stretch, do a light massage of the neck, earlobes and temples to improve blood circulation after sleep and “run” the body. To enhance metabolism and digestion, you can, if you drink a glass of water. Such rituals help to start the day in a good mood, including early in the morning.