Mistakes are important for life, said psychologists

zaoao;.jpgTo such conclusion scientists from the United States of America, which conducted the study. They found out that analysis of past mistakes can improve performance when solving new tasks. Such methods are useful in all sectors: science, education, manufacturing, sports and so on.

The study was done researchers of the Rutgers University. They studied how the rethinking of past mistakes can affect cognitive function people. In the framework of the scientific work of all participants were divided into two groups. Volunteers from the first group had to write about their own failures that occurred throughout their life’s journey. The second group had to write about neutral things. After this, subjects had to solve a very complicated task. In addition, the scientists measured the participants levels of cortisol (stress hormone).

It turned out that the people who have made mistakes in the past and described them, much better coped with the task and had lower stress hormone levels. Thus, the experts came to the conclusion that it is necessary to make mistakes and analyze them, as this helps to cope with new challenges. This discovery is contrary to popular belief, that mistakes in life interfere with the psyche of the people.