DHHS has updated the scheme of starting therapy HIV

The Ministry of health and social services (DHHS) updated its clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of HIV infection, focusing on the recently approved triple therapy becherrawy/alphaname tenofovir/emtricitabine.

The updated document has undergone schema changes starting therapy recommended for most people living with HIV:

  • BIC (becherrawy) / TAF (tenofovir alphaname)/ FTC (emtricitabine)
  • DTG (dolutegravir) /ABC (ABC)/3TC (lamivudine)
  • DTG (dolutegravir) + TAF (tenofovir alphaname) (or TDF (TDF)/ FTC (emtricitabine)
  • EVG (elvitegravir) / cobicistat / TAF (tenofovir alphaname) (or TDF (TDF)/ FTC (emtricitabine)
  • RAL (raltegravir) + TAF (tenofovir alphaname) (or TDF (TDF)/ FTC (emtricitabine)
  • As stated in the document, becherrawy – a new inhibitor of HIV-1 integrase. Based on the results of clinical trials, the expert group recommends the use of BIC/TAF/FTC 50/25/200 mg once per day as one of the schemes of starting therapy.

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