“For children to study, they should be not terrible, but our system is built on fixing the bugs”

chityas.pngEvery child is a ‘machine’ to absorb knowledge and skills. It was created in order to learn. His brain is developing rapidly, it creates new neural connections. Any child you left alone, if he is at this moment healthy, not hungry and not scared to engage in self-development. It may not necessarily be in lessons for a child it is pretty boring, he does not understand its value. Insert letters, write 25 times the same, read a boring textbook and paraphrase it is not clear to whom and why. If we digress from the idea of teaching children only with the help of lessons, we will see that any child is constantly evolving.

Development occurs only at rest. When the body feels stressed, he turns on the save mode: we try to do everything as if on autopilot. Only when we are not afraid that we will offend, will call, will punish, only in this situation there is curiosity.

In order to have children was interesting to learn, they should not be afraid. Our educational system is based on fixing errors.

Parents and teachers, unfortunately, are not aware of. At school, the child caught on that he was confused, did not, did not — this creates a constant stress. Home and more mother and father blamed for the same mistakes. There are children who easily cope with it, others find it too brutal conditions. We get a kid who dreamed about the school, and by the end of the second quarter he asked: “is it Really ten years?! What a mess”. We need to show that you love him because he is your child, not because he did something.

Very important and the environment. Children should be, what to play, what to look for, something to admire and where to get experience. It does not need to go to all the famous art galleries. Enough of the ordinary world that surrounds us. And it is important that children are able to take advantage of this in the free mode. Now the whole life of the child is connected by a chain of special lessons that go according to the plan.

If the group of the kindergarten sits 20 children and all of them one sample draw of a Cockerel is not development. This is lost time. Much healthier for a child to sit, for example, the same hour on his haunches, watching the worms in a puddle.

In the traditional system of education we give children answers to unasked questions. Children, sit down, open the paragraph No. 14, the theme of so-and-so. This topic is not needed, they haven’t asked. And all that is in them gives rise to this approach — a deep and enduring aversion to the subject. Quite different is a natural cognition. The child sees that he did something and now the ball is not falling. “Why?” he thinks. If to explain in simple words — it will be much more useful than forcing a child to learn the laws of physics.

A very important lesson for parents. Often they don’t know what to do if the child does not read books. I ask: “what do You do, when was the last time you read a book?”. If the parents do is watch TV, what could be a claim to children? Children copy the behavior of adults. If parents learn that if they do constantly wonder if at dinner talking about what is happening in the world and in science, the child becomes infected with it. If we want to be in perpetual hibernation, it is difficult to expect children from us will get something. This does not mean that children will grow up absolutely not curious, they touched the curiosity is strong, but our contribution to this will be no.

My favorite example is a test of cognitive activity. It’s not about the power of intellect and not about smartness, but about interest. For one experiment asked mom with a child in a room where there were a lot of different educational games, all the walls were cluttered. And when the mother with the child, the experimenter said, “Excuse me, I must depart, I’ll be back in ten minutes. Make yourself at home”. He went out and looked at what is happening in the room. In the end, all subjects were divided into four groups.

  1. Mother sternly shushed the child to “sitting still, do not touch anything”, and they both still waited for the return specialist.
  2. Mom took out from the bag magazine and immersed himself in the reading, and the child gradually smeleya, started to take, to take and study.
  3. The mother told the child: “Look, what a good game!”. And were beginning to show and explain how to play them.
  4. The mother excitedly grabbed the one game, then another and tried to understand it and why.

After that, special techniques have measured cognitive activity in children. The highest was in the fourth group, and lowest in the third. There are a parent took the initiative and started to lead the process, made a lot of control and anxiety. Cognitive activity for a child was poisoned because my mom always worried if there is enough creative he approaches the game. And where my mother showed example, the baby joined in and started with passion to play.

How to help the child:

  1. To give sympathetic consideration to stress. Children learn more in school than any of the teachers. The literature teacher will not write a chemistry test and an essay, a high school student would write.
  2. Not to pay much attention to ratings. In our rating system means nothing. Four may mean that the child knows all or knows nothing.
  3. To pay attention to achievements. We parents are invited to the school to scold children. And you ask, what good did my child? Talk about what it does.
  4. Listen. Parents often want to talk to the kids, but don’t want to hear it. Adults for some reason don’t care for how the child understood the film or the book they explain how it was necessary to understand.