These gel beads can be deadly for your child

Small children learn about the world and chew on many items. But sometimes, even an innocent view of the sets of toys can be very dangerous, as the history told by the psychologist as a doula with Daria Utkina.

#orbiz – the so-called hydrogel bead. In America they are banned to be sold as toys for children.

Photo #orbiz, which pulled out of the stomach year old girls at the Filatov hospital.

The beads are hard to see on ultrasound at this (hopefully only this) reason, from Monday to Wednesday friends daughter has suffered 3 THREE! abdominal surgery.

First took one ball, then saw the second and today third.

I think no need to explain that my mom feels when she is told that “this is the first time and we almost believe that all was well, as you tell us.”

Balls like berries or candy, and the stomach can increase several times.

Children regularly something taste and often parents simply don’t know until you look in the pot.

Periodically children swallow something large type buttons or coins. They rarely pass beyond the stomach. The x-rays we can see clearly to remove most often used in endoscopy.


  • Orbiz small and easy to swallow
  • Orbiz cannot be seen on x-rays and very difficult to see on ultrasound
  • Orbiz slip beyond the stomach into the intestine, only 1% of the swallowed children items come in so far
  • Orbiz can increase by 400 times, to the size of a tennis ball
  • Orbiz crumble and they can not get parts
  • Orbiz cause damage to the intestines
  • To extract orbiz need a serious abdominal operation. Sometimes more than one.
  • The majority of hospital admissions with orbiz occurred after 2013.

    Wish please health Alenka and forces mother Natasha

    And if you still play such bulbs, find a replacement. It really is more dangerous than playing in the beads and buttons that you probably hidden.

    Here’s the symptoms that are worth paying attention to:

    • nausea
    • constipation
    • vomiting
    • wheezing
    • increased salivation
    • lack of appetite
    • the pain in my stomach/throat/chest

    If you think a child has swallowed orbiz, immediately consult a doctor: the less time has passed, the smaller the ball and the closer it is to the digestive system.

    Good health to all! And let Natasha and Alena quickly return home to dad, brothers and sister. And the balls are at the Filatov hospital.