Garlic for potency : benefits and recipes

To enhance the taste of dishes, we add to them the garlic and onions. But these products play a role not only natural flavours, they also benefit our health. As have shown results of research, garlic is especially useful for the male body, as it positively affects potency. How it works and how to use it correctly?

Garlic for potency men: useful properties

This is a great addition to the diet, because it provides both fragrance and therapeutic benefits. As when exposed to high temperatures, it quickly loses its properties, it is recommended to use raw. Also on sale you will find garlic extract, which is convenient to take and it has the same properties as fresh product.

It has long been used not only as a natural flavoring but also as medicine. The world’s largest producer of garlic in the international market is China.

The most common uses of garlic:

  • Protection against colds and viral diseases;
  • A strengthened immune system;
  • The elimination of harmful microorganisms;
  • The reduction in cholesterol levels;
  • Rejuvenation.

Another important function of garlic, which we often forget — a positive effect on virility. The product reduces inflammation of the prostate, helps to destroy harmful bacteria and improve the blood circulation in the male organs. Garlic has a positive effect on sperm quality.

What is the use of garlic for potency? This product is well demonstrated in the treatment of erection problems. It contains nitric oxide, which is involved in many processes, including in the process of erection.

Garlic for potency: application, recipes

It can be used as a natural remedy for curing problems with male health. Garlic positively influences on the reproductive system and improves its functioning.

To get the maximum benefit from garlic, it should be consumed raw. However, today there are more convenient ways to use this useful product, for example — extract in the form of tablets, tinctures. Their advantage is that they do not have garlic flavor and also the extract is more concentrated. Agree that it is unlikely that you will be able to eat daily 10-15 cloves of fresh garlic, right?

And of course you need to remember that garlic is not a medication and it does not help to resolve a serious problem. But as a preventive measure or in the complex treatment he shows really good results.

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Garlic, fresh between meals. You can also chop it and add to the salad, the cheese.

Helpful hint: chop the garlic, leave it to stand for 10-15 minutes then eat it. Studies show that chopping the garlic helps to release the enzymes, thus increasing the useful properties of the product.

The recipes use garlic for potency:

Garlic and milk: grind 2 cloves and put in a glass of warm whole milk. Take a drink every day, 1-2 times a day, between meals.

With honey. Mix 1 tablespoon of liquid honey and 1 teaspoon of minced garlic. Eat, follow with a small amount of water.

Garlic tea. Pour 2 crushed cloves 200 ml of hot water (not boiling water). Leave on for 5 minutes, then drink. The drink has not a pleasant taste so you can add a little honey.

A tincture of alcohol. Clean 250 grams of fresh garlic from the skin, cut each slice. Pour 250 ml of vodka, close the container and put in a dark place for 40-50 days. Strain. Tincture dosage depends on your weight. 10 kg weight is taken one drop. Take the remedy every day before dinner, throughout the month.

Garlic: contraindications

Despite the useful properties of garlic, it is not so few contradictions. It can not be used in inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract, at high or low acidity, flatulence, hemophilia, gastritis, problems with blood viscosity.

Garlic for potency improves blood circulation, increases virility and desire, helps to treat impotence. With regular use you will notice results within a month.

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