Selenium for men: use, dosage

This mineral is in the soil. In small quantities it is also present in water and certain foods. Despite the fact that the human body it is needed in small amounts, deficiency can cause serious health problems. It plays a key role in metabolism and is involved in most processes.

Selenium for men: useful properties

It is necessary to strengthen the immune system of the body. Why is it special? Selenium helps to form antioxidants that in turn are responsible for our health. Its deficiency leads to muscle weakness and fatigue, frequent illness due to low immunity. Regular consumption of selenium helps prevent heart problems and blood vessels, respiratory viral diseases, infertility.

Doctors strongly recommend to use selenium to representatives of the stronger sex. What are its advantages and why it is so essential to your body?

Selenium is an essential nutrient necessary for the health of men. It works as an antioxidant, reducing oxidation and preventing the effects of free radicals. Selenium protects your prostate, which in turn has a positive effect on erectile function.

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Use of selenium for body of men:

The treatment of infertility. Often in the treatment of male infertility doctors prescribe patients to take complex, which is present in selenium, zinc and other minerals. Also it may be administered in combination with zinc. Mineral involved in the formation of sperm and improves mobility of sperm, increasing the chances of fertilization of the egg.

The normal functioning of the prostate gland. As show results of researches, the mineral helps to prevent inflammation of the prostate.

Regulates the production of thyroid hormones. This mineral helps to stabilize the thyroid gland, thus regulating hormonal balance.

Strengthens the immune system. Selenium increases the activity of leukocytes, it helps the body to fight viral and colds and even cancer.

Acts as anti-inflammatory. In combination with vitamin E it helps to reduce inflammation, which is why it is recommended to take with arthritis, psoriasis, eczema.

Reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Due to the many stresses and unhealthy lifestyle, men are increasingly suffering from diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Selenium reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing bad cholesterol and improving blood quality.

How much selenium you should take?

The recommended daily allowance includes the amount of selenium you should get from foods and supplements you are taking. If you don’t want to take supplements, try to eat as much products, which is composed of selenium.

An adult male should consume at least 60 mg of the mineral per day, that is enough for normal functioning of the body. If you take the mineral with the purpose of infertility treatment and improve semen quality, increase the daily dose up to 120 to 150 mcg. The doctor recommends this dosage can be increased.

What foods contain selenium?

The mineral is found in products such as nuts and seeds, fish and seafood, beef, poultry, grains. As for nuts and seeds, they are best eaten raw, so when processing high temperature, they lose their useful properties.

Side effects of taking Selena: what?

Using the mineral in normal dosages, can not be afraid of side effects. An overdose of selenium can be recognized by such symptoms as bad breath, increased body temperature, nausea, pain in region of liver, kidney.

Selenium can interact with medications and supplements such as antacids, chemotherapy drugs, corticosteroids, Niacin, the means for lowering cholesterol, hormonal.

Refrain from the use of supplements with selenium if you belong to a risk group of people with skin cancer.

Selenium deficiency is rare because most people get the required amount of mineral from food. But in some cases the body may experience a lack of this substance, in such cases, doctors recommend taking vitamin-mineral supplements.

Selenium for men is a mineral that is essential for the normal functioning of the body. Modern men increasingly suffer from a shortage of this mineral due to unbalanced diet, bad habits and stress.

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