Recurring people in dreams is stress and anxiety. Who do you dream about?

dreams.jpgThere are many versions explaining the meaning of dreams. There is a General belief that they reveal the depths of the subconscious, including our fears and desires. But that means if you have a reoccurring dream about the same person?

Who do you dream about?

According to psychologists, repeated dreams about the same person should not be taken too literally, be it your best friend or sworn enemy. Recurring dreams are common, and two-thirds of us are experiencing them. These dreams may not mean that you are obsessed with this person, but can symbolize your feelings and concerns.

“Model of mind is very similar to the ideas of computer – says clinical psychologist Dr. John Mayer. – When we go to sleep, this little computer continues to “rage”, and does not stop. We have a feeling that we are free when we sleep, but the brain continues to move.”

Solve the problem

Dreams can help our brain to sort information while you sleep. Dr. Mayer also said that dreams about someone again and again should not be interpreted literally. This person may actually represent a certain amount of stress or anxiety that we experience.
For example, if you dream the same colleague, it does not mean that you have some problem with this particular person, it might be related to more General working situation.

“Dreams usually are not always the same every time, but there is a recurring theme in your head, which for some reason has not been resolved. It is constantly repeated again and again in this computer, – says the psychologist. – Therefore, if the data in the same machine, you need to replace them with other data, or to resolve the conflict or problem.”

When the conflict in your mind is resolved, the recurring dreams will end.