Oh, I’m afraid! The 18 most bizarre human phobias

We are all afraid of something, and that’s fine. However, fear and phobia are two different things. A phobia is a persistent fear and avoidance of someone or certain conditions (e.g., bees or height). There is also another component — the fear that the object of the phobia will affect one’s own life. For example, a person may be so afraid of snakes, even on TV can’t look at them or does not agree on a great job only because he is afraid of closed spaces, and the office should be accessible by Elevator. Phobia can be due to genetic causes, characteristics of upbringing or lifestyle: if a child to avoid unpleasant caterpillars, it is easy to earn real fear one of their kind. All this is quite simple and straightforward options, but sometimes people are afraid of this…

Вита Зорина

Vita Zorina


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Vita Zorina
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Ой, боюсь! 18 самых странный человеческих фобий

1. Taphophobia

It is the fear of being buried alive. Studies show that it originated about three hundred years ago, and perhaps earlier, when doctors sometimes call a man dead when he lost consciousness. There went a tradition not to rush to bury or burn the body until it is satisfied that the person is definitely dead.

2. Eisoptrophobia

The fear of mirrors. Man falls into the horror, if you happen to see your reflection in the mirror (usually in this reflection there is nothing strange).

3. Ombrophobia

Fear of rain. Included in the group “weather phobia” together with lilapsophobia (hurricanes), chionophobia (snow), cryophobia (cold), ancraophobia (wind). These fears often arise from the fact that in my childhood people were forbidden to go outside in bad weather.

4. Phonophobia

The fear sounds. A serious disorder because people can literally jump from the whine of a mosquito. Usually associated with disorder of perception of sounds by the brain.

5. The numerofobiya

The fear of numbers. Not in the sense that hiding under the bed is a huge one, and the fear of computing, mathematics, statistics.

6. Thalassophobia

Fear of open deep water. Often caused because the person is afraid of underwater creatures, and also strange and unknown.

7. Ephebiphobia

Fear of teenagers. Sounds funny, but people with this phobia are afraid of unexpected actions on the part of teenagers and avoids their company. Alas, to heal from this (as on many other phobias) can only frequent contact with the object of fear.

8. Aerophobia

The fear of fresh air and wind gusts. Is often a symptom of rabies.

9. Alektorophobia

Fear of roosters and hens. Usually develops in those who in childhood was attacked by a rooster. May be accompanied by refusal of eating chicken.

10. Amathophobia

Fear of dust. Interestingly, it is observed some librarians.

11. Гиппопотомонстросескиппедалофобия

The fear of long words, sometimes mercifully shortened to sesquipedalophobia. Observed in some people with dyslexia.

12. Globophobia

The fear of balloons. Often begins in childhood, if there snapped the ball.

13. Phobophobia

The fear of fear. People save yourself from all kinds of fear.

14. Zoophobia

The General name for the fear of animals. When a chance encounter with the object person is covered then begins to tremble, his breathing and pulse.

15. Nomophobia

Fear of parting with a smartphone (perhaps it is a phobia at the moment). A person is going through if the phone is not lying next to him, worried that might lose the connection or take the battery out.

16. Ranidafobiya

Fear of frogs (not to be confused with bufonophobia, which deals with toads). People avoid trips and walks near water.

17. Vestiphobia

Fear of clothing. For example, former military may be afraid to wear a dress uniform, someone doesn’t like a too tight tank top, heavy form — in General all clothes.

18. Ergophobia

Fear of work. He fears the working environment and can experience a panic attack right in the office.