To the gynecologist with pleasure? It is possible!

Gynecologist for women doctor number one. But, unfortunately, many are not in a hurry to go to him and wait until the last for obvious reasons. That is why we have decided to tell you about the clinic that promotes a completely new approach to rendering gynecological services.

Clinic of Modern Technologies (KST) in the center of Moscow (Bolshoi Golovin per., 4) over twenty years have gathered a unique team of professionals who care about women’s health, use innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment, creating a comfortable environment service and develop an individual programme of support.


Gynecological surgery: opportunities for women in any age

Modern women strive for perfection in everything, and this desire is justified. After all, when we like our body, our appearance, we become more confident, more harmonious, happier. A piquant moment, like the aesthetics of the intimate areas, is not inferior in importance to the beauty of the face, hair, figure. And if a few years ago, women simply remained silent, now safely resort to the services of aesthetic gynecology. It is worth noting that the concept of treatment with the comfort and aesthetic results successfully spread around the world, changing the quality of life of the patient better regardless of age. In the framework of this direction in the Clinic of Modern Technology created the so-called gynecological office “Smart Innovation”, equipped with the latest medical equipment for performing all kinds of gynecological services provided on an outpatient basis. It is comfortable, safe and secure.

A chair for gynecological examinations, Medi-matic has an anatomical shape and is equipped with a heating function for ultimate comfort women; colposcope SOM 52, Karl Kaps with a powerful optical system, allows the physician to identify pathology of the vagina and cervix in the early stages; CO2 laser Eraser-C-RF is a completely unique installation for the treatment of gynecological pathologies, procedures, rejuvenation and correction of involutional changes in the anogenital region against the background of age-related disorders after childbirth, injuries or surgery.


To get rid of trouble

The use of laser technology — a new, highly effective word in the treatment of gynecological pathologies, including the treatment of the syndrome of urinary incontinence, prolapse of pelvic organs, sensation of dryness in the intimate area, the treatment of sexual dysfunction, postpartum recovery. Advanced correction method using the CO2 laser allows even to establish intimate lives of women in the menopause. Preparation for the procedure begins with examination: a blood test, ultrasound diagnostics. In the absence of contraindications, the doctor will prescribe the necessary course of laser procedures. Before each treatment a specialist should perform the setup of the CO2 laser individually for each patient. During a session the laser reflector with manipulos, precisely focusing the light beam on the problem areas, the doctor carries out surface treatment of the outer region of the urethra and vaginal walls. The controlled injury triggers the natural regeneration of tissues. Laser-affected zone is actively synthesize connective fibers strengthen the structure of the tissues of the perineum, and normalize metabolic processes and blood flow, all this leads to improved tone of the pelvic muscles, the bladder. A very important point, is that the procedure is painless and requires no anesthesia. Session duration about twenty-five minutes, the treatment is designed for 2-3 treatments with an interval of one month.

With the rejuvenation effect

Fractional CO2 laser system Eraser-C-RF represent the advanced technology of laser surgery. In gynecological practice is used scanning technology feeding the laser beam. Machine Eraser-C-RF mounted in the study “Smart Innovation” clinic KST equipped with fractional scanner with a special attachment for intravaginal lifting, fractional rejuvenation of the intimate zone with innovative CO2 laser. Unique fractional scanner apparatus generates pulses in a predetermined region of the vagina. With multiple pulses (“laser shower”) CO2 laser consistently perforeret (360) lost elasticity of the collagen fibers of the mucosa, creating numerous microscopic zones of damage surrounded by a pristine laser beam cloth. Figuratively, the process of laser exposure to the genitals can be compared with a drawing of a fabric of tiny (1 mm) incisions, forming together the grid, where alternate treated and untreated plots. The controlled injury triggers the natural regeneration of tissues. Cells are undamaged (intact) regions are activated, and at their expense in the areas of damage happens the cell renewal of collagen and elastin, activation of metabolic processes and the growth of healthy skin, providing a kind of “lifting effect”. Collagen fibers after heating become shorter and thicker.

The result is the recovery of lost functions:

  • the strengthening of the muscular fibres of the vagina, they become strong and resilient, which improves sexual performance;
  • normalization of the functions of the mucous membrane (production of vaginal lubrication);
  • normalization of metabolic processes.

The procedure takes from 20 to 60 minutes. Laser rejuvenation of the intimate zone is performed under local anesthesia and does not require special training.


The issue price

Until 01 June in SSC is a special offer on all procedures performed using modern, highly efficient laser CO2 Eraser-C-RF:

  • laser treatment of urinary incontinence (1 procedure) — 15 000 rubles;
  • laser treatment of atrophy of the vaginal walls category 1 — 10 000 rubles;
  • laser treatment of a wide vagina (1 procedure) — 15 000 rubles;
  • laser treatment prolapse of the anterior wall of the vagina (1 procedure) — 15 000 rubles;
  • laser whitening of large and small labia (1 procedure) — 10 000 roubles;
  • laser treatment of atrophy of the vaginal walls and vulva, 2 tier — 15 000 rubles;
  • intimate laser correction complex (vagina, G spot, point, U, labia minora, labia majora, perianal region, trusilova area (1 treatment) — 25 000 roubles;
  • laser whitening of the perianal area (1 session) — 10 000 rubles.


Clinic Of Modern Technologies
Moscow, Bolshoi Golovin, D. 4
Phone: +7 (495) 114 51 51