Size matters: 13 very big advantage of small chest

I believe that nature is you “gave”? Busty ladies are jealous and are thinking about surgery for breast enlargement? Wait a minute! To do this it’s never too late. But maybe you just haven’t figured out which is a huge plus — small Breasts? Now we will tell you how lucky you are. Incredibly lucky!

Снежана Грибацкая

Snezhana Hrebacka


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Snezhana Hrebacka
Not news
Размер имеет значение: 13 очень больших плюсов небольшой груди

Men talking to you

Not you or your neckline.

You don’t have a problem buying underwear

All beautiful for you: delicate lace, thin straps, rich colors and patterns — choose any underwear! It’s all the same to you-only beauty need, not for support.

You generally can not wear

And it is very convenient, among other things. And useful. And sexy. You’re so lucky!

You only need one swimsuit

Perhaps you didn’t know, so now know: Busty virgin always buy my 2 piece swimsuit. Because if the top part of the bikini is similar to two chute, and at the bottom you can wrap the suitcase. But really in this world not many girls whose hips look like a suitcase.

You can sleep on my stomach

If you think it is a plus, so you’re planning on becoming a mother. But when you decide — at once will understand, in what here salt. Restful sleep is impossible if one cannot freely change postures during the night. You only have to suffer 3 months in the last trimester of pregnancy. And some life suffer, among other things.

Sports? No problem

No problem: you come to the gym and start to engage. And ladies with an ample bosom have to run 2-3 marathon around the city in search of sports underwear that can fit her treasures. And that under the weight of their Breasts will not crack plaintively and will not be discarded directly into the fitting.

Gravity is not a heartless creature

Well, that is when you catch 70, your Boobs will likely still flock to the center of the earth. But until that time, can be calm: the physics of this world is not your enemy.

You’re losing weight and nothing to lose

An insoluble dilemma faced by every girl with an impressive bust: to lose extra pounds or keep in its original beauty the chest? You can only choose one or the other. And it was terrible. You can lose weight and get better how do you like your Boobs are from that not much will change.

You’re the closes

Some believe that the main problem of girls in the shops — find the perfect jeans. This, of course, nonsense: jeans are easier to find. But just try to find a shirt that fastened with large Breasts, but will not hang on a narrow back! Or coat that can fit a couple of impressive balls, and the shoulder seams don’t hang at the elbows. I can’t imagine? Well, of course, you-all buttoned up, lucky girl!

And t-shirts with prints look great

You can proudly wear on your chest any picture or inscription, you know? And that one girl with a big bust wearing the shirt with Statham, and everyone thought it was Lenin in the last years of his life.

You look slimmer and younger contemporaries

If you are 25, you are unlikely to appreciate this advantage, but at the reunion “25 years later” you’ll know what we’re talking about.

If you have to — you can always visually increase

Lingerie with push-up effect to help you. But back to this trick does not work: a large chest to hide not so easy.

You do not stick, pseudonaja

You do uninteresting brutal taxi drivers, hot the sellers of tomatoes, tanned builders, gallant staff officers and brave soldiers brooms and shovels. Let’s face it.