Fine tuning: how to lose weight in spring

In the spring we all want to be transformed, and the majority wants to lose some weight. But before you go on the next trendy diet, you need to prepare psychologically. Tell how to do it.

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Тонкая настройка: как правильно худеть весной

The basis of your success — the right attitude. Be aware that to comply with diet and sport will have a week or two, but much longer. Concentrate on today’s victories and current sensations in the body, not waiting for the remote results. And be sure to take the process of losing weight as a pleasure, not suffering from limitations.

Step 1

Go see a gastroenterologist and do the tests, namely: General, biochemical, hormonal blood tests and a blood test for glycated hemoglobin. It will eliminate endocrine disorders, and you’ll be sure that healthy. And that means that you just’ll lose weight if you want.

Step 2

Achievable goals. Julia Bastrigina, dietitian and expert reality show STS a “Balanced people”, advises to start with the calculation of body mass index (BMI) — the Internet has a lot of calculators to calculate it. The norm considered to be indicators of 18.5−25, but not to lose motivation, focus on the 23-25. Ibid determine the optimal daily caloric intake. Counting calories is not as boring as you might think — it’s a matter of habit and convenience. You just cease to consider if each time you have to consult the table and get out the calculator. Better download on your smartphone a special application.

Step 3

Plan a healthy diet. Julia Bastrigina offers to give up alcohol, watch out for salt content in products — it holds liquid, and also the quantity of sugar and fat. Don’t swallow the phrase “100% natural” or “preservative-free”. If the list of ingredients many components, it is possible that this is just disguised as healthy food. Make a menu for the week in accordance with the daily calories. Very important to avoid bias towards proteins or completely eliminate foods with fats, is fraught with complications. You have no time to cook? Order a series of healthy breakfasts, Lunches and dinners in special services.

Step 4

Make a food diary to figure out what, how much and why you eat. Suddenly it turns out that your daily diet will fit in a handful, but you intercept excess due to stress or boredom? More from the diary will be clear which foods and drinks do you consume most often (let’s guess: coffee?), you will be able to find them a more healthy replacement. Marking progress towards a new habit: dense Breakfast, a small snack (carbohydrate — not later than 15:00!), reduced by 10-20% portion in the afternoon. And — 30% of what you always eat in the evening for dinner.

Step 5

Pick the type of fitness their liking. To navigate in sports programs, coach a reality show STS a “Balanced people” Irina Turchinskaya offers to take 90 days. Here’s your plan of action. First month: start a new life with yoga, stretching and Pilates. All this options of the same type of loading at which you spend per hour 200-250 kcal. These classes at first seem inefficient, but they are ideal to prepare the muscles to further training. Dedicate the second month of dance classes. Ask the choreographer to show a few exercises for problem areas (thighs and press) and pay these zones for 15 minutes after class. I want to combine cardio with overcoming yourself? Sign up for a class or start Cycling to running. Month three: your body has become more plastic, and that means it’s time for active training. Choose a program of secondary and higher level of intensity. There is used additional equipment, and the muscles will spend more energy. The normal consequence of this — increased appetite, so don’t be alarmed.