Beyond the Urals for the first time will begin to prepare medical lawyers

Novosibirsk state University (NSU) opens only in the Urals master’s program to train lawyers in the field of healthcare.

The program is focused on specialists with higher medical or legal education. In 2018 the University will limit the set of 18 undergraduates, three of them will be trained on the budget form. “Conflict between doctors and patients is often complicated, hence the need for equally well-versed in medicine and law. Market conditions in the area of healthcare in public and private sectors, number of large commercial health centres with stable income grows, however, there is a shortage of legal personnel, capable to carry out a permanent legal support of the organization on a regular basis. Basically the function of lawyers is limited by the performance of certain contracts on a narrow range of issues. While lawyers in the field of health rare professionals in demand not only in Novosibirsk and the region, but also within the Siberian Federal district”, – says head of master program, head of civil law Department of Institute of philosophy and law of NSU Tamara Shepel.

Classes will be lead faculty of the Institute of philosophy and law, faculty of the Institute of medicine and of psychology of NSU, as well as invited foreign experts. Bases for practice will be the regional Ministry of justice, Ministry of health, Federal center of neurosurgery, Novosibirsk regional court, Arbitration court, hospitals, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, scientific research institutions.

“We can only welcome the response of the University to the needs of the industry, says Manager of “Center of the medical right” Alexey Panov. – Every business needs specialization: lawyer for land disputes is hardly qualified to represent the interests of the patient of a medical institution or a medical institution. In addition, the formation of the system of protection of the rights of patients by 2024 identified as a strategic priority of the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin, so the specialists will be provided in full”.

Alexei Panov, working in health law since 1999, I am sure that the most important thing in organizing such training courses attracting teachers and practitioners. “One thing the study of the norms of legislation, and quite another – rules for their application. Whether the specialists actually marketable skills? These can be practitioners, representatives of Roszdravnadzor, Rospotrebnadzor, who carry out the checks, sign the protocols of bringing to administrative responsibility, constitute the dimension”, – says the expert.

Now teaching law to health services is limited to the reading courses, said Alexey Panov. “All practicing lawyers industry – taught”, he said.