Cinnamon and blood pressure: is there a connection?

High blood pressure or hypertension is a common occurrence. About 1/3 of adults suffer from this problem. If untreated, hypertension can lead to heart disease and blood vessels, stroke, kidney failure (and this is not the whole list). To reduce the pressure, doctors prescribe medicines, you will also have to change your diet. One of the main recommendations to reduce consumption of sodium. If you are a supporter of natural remedies, I suggest to include in the diet such a product as cinnamon. As numerous studies, it helps to stabilize the pressure and prevent it from racing.

Cinnamon raises or lowers blood pressure?

This spice has been used as medicine for thousands of years. It is known that it is composed of antioxidants such as polyphenols that help to reduce triglycerides, cholesterol. Moreover, cinnamon helps lower blood pressure.

Cinnamon contains compounds, such as cinnamate, cinnamic acid, cinnamaldehyde, fiber, calcium, manganese, iron and vitamin K.

The best quality cinnamon Ceylon, but the price is rather high. Also you can find Chinese cinnamon (Cassia), it has far fewer useful features.

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If you suffer from such problems as hypertension, make sure to include this spice in your diet. It is important to buy organic Ceylon cinnamon and not the cheap counterparts. I advise you to go for the cinnamon sticks, it can grind yourself using blender, grinder. Check out the photo, it is possible to see that true cinnamon is supposed to resemble a cigar, be full inside.

Cinnamon raises or lowers blood pressure? The question that interests many. The spice reduces the level of pressure. But remember that it is not a panacea and the drug, it should be used in combination with other remedies and a balanced diet.

How cinnamon affects blood pressure?

It contains calcium, it contributes to the reduction of pressure. 1 tbsp ground spice contains about 77 mg of calcium. This mineral relaxes blood vessels, strengthens their walls.

Also the pressure affects antioxidants limit the accumulation of nitric oxide and oxidation of the blood, thus preventing heart problems and blood vessels. Substances called polyphenols dilate blood vessels and improve their function, reduce inflammation.

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Cinnamon pressure: how much and how?

You can use powdered cinnamon in the pure form or buy it in capsule form which is very convenient. Start with 2 grams of spice a day. If the pressure is good and you have no adverse reactions, increase the dose to 3-5 grams (about 1 teaspoon). This amount of spice not only reduces blood pressure but will also reduce the amount of harmful cholesterol, reduce blood sugar levels.

While you need to continue to take medications prescribed to you by your doctor. Cinnamon is an auxiliary means of treatment.

Monitor blood pressure levels throughout the course of the use of cinnamon. If the spice actually works, include it in the diet on a regular basis.

How cinnamon affects blood pressure? It contributes to its decrease, this is due to its composition — cinnamic acid, aldehydes, polyphenols and calcium. But it is only a helper and not able to deal with too high levels.

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