Cosmo quiz: what’s your superpower?

Take our simple test and find out what quality of your character should be doing a bet to succeed!

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Cosmo-тест: в чем твоя суперсила?

Quiz: what’s your superpower?

Question 1 of 5

Your Sunday night ritual — …

Plan a week, Monday does not catch you by surprise!

With a glass of wine to watch a few old episodes of “Friends”

To call my parents

Question 2 of 5

A friend owe you money. As you tell her about this recall?

Just say: “I have nothing to pay the rent. Please give it back”

Send GIF where Kim Kardashian throwing dollars

No way. Not give — does not

Question 3 of 5

Your man is sick. You…

…buy antivirals he and a mask to protect yourself from germs

…record the cough on tape and throwing him beatbox concert

…asking his best friend to call him and cheer poor

Question 4 of 5

Boss praises you for an important project. How will you respond?

“Thank you! Maybe it’s time to discuss a raise?”

“Thank you! It cost me only 135 cups of coffee…”

“Thank you! And all thanks to the help of colleagues!”

Question 5 of 5

If you wanted to get revenge on a girl from work, would you…

…”mistakenly” sent her a letter agreeing to take her position

…put her calls the song Stas Mikhailov

…sacrificed on her behalf money in the Fund “the World of goodness and mercy.” Let them think about their behavior!

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