The boy came out of the coma after brain death and four heart failure

This case called a medical miracle. And this is true – after all, the boy came back to life in that moment, when hope was no more.

A few days ago on channel FOX10 News has published a story about 13-year-old Trenton McKinley from Alabama – the boy who came out of the coma, despite the doctors ‘ prognosis.

Two months ago in the house of his friend with him was an accident. Trenton along with 4-year-old girl riding in the trailer attached to the child car. According to the boy when his friend slammed on the brake pedal, the trailer began to tip over.

The teenager had to throw the niece of his friend on the grass, but he himself could not escape.

“I fell on the pavement, and the trailer landed right on my head. I don’t know,” says Trenton.

The boy was taken to the U.S. medical center for emergency surgery and later transferred to the University of Alabama in Birmingham. The case was very heavy – Trenton found seven skull fractures.

So Trenton looked before the accident

“I saw a stretcher, from which hung the feet of my son, with tears in his eyes says the boy’s mother Jennifer Reindl. The doctors said that when he wakes up, he will never be the same. They explained that because of oxygen starvation his brain was so damaged that even if he manages to return, he will become a “vegetable”.

The next few days Trenton was alive only thanks to the machines for maintaining vital functions. He was barely breathing.

The boy died four times – one of them by as much as 15 minutes, Jennifer wrote on his page in Facebook. When the doctors brought him back the fourth time, the tests showed no brain activity. He had a damaged brain stem, and heart was beating only because of the adrenaline.

Doctors have warned parents that the next time his heart stops, they won’t to revive him, and suggested to consider organ donation.

“Five children were in need of my son’s organs, says Jennifer. Resuscitation actions have damaged them. It was wrong to force him to come back again and again.”

Parents of Trenton, having lost all hope for the salvation of the son, signed the necessary papers and doctors have set a date for the mute boy from the apparatus. But the next day, Jennifer reported that the Trenton lifted a hand and foot. In his eyes, above the black and empty, there was life.

Surprisingly, after experiencing the color of the boy’s eyes changed from blue to green.

Doctors could not believe what happened, because until then nobody could Wake up after the death of the brain stem and the complete stop of cardiac activity. Despite the fact that the boy is still suffering from daily seizures and manifestations of neuralgia, he has gone on the amendment.

The Trenton had three brain surgeries, but the most important is yet to come. The boy survived only half of the skull, the second is in the freezer at the hospital. Soon the doctors plan to set her back.

Despite all the experiences, the boy retained a sense of humor and strength of spirit. He believes that everything these days was in heaven.

“I was in the huge field, he recalls. I was with God, any other explanation I have. No it can not explain. Even the doctors”.