Krasnoyarsk doctors missed perforation of the esophagus

Investigators in Krasnoyarsk region opened a criminal case on signs of the crime provided by h. 2 art. 109 of the criminal code (causing death by negligence due to improper performance of their professional duties). In the Agency appealed the son of man, who on 17 March refused to be hospitalized in hospital of an emergency medical care to them. N. S. Karpovich (BSMP).

The patient 62 years, was admitted to the emergency Department with complaints of abdominal pain, – the day before he choked on a bone. Surgical examination showed no pathologies in men, the doctors let him go home. However, on March 22 the patient was admitted to the regional hospital, where he died the next day. “According to the conclusion of the Commission examination by medical workers of the emergency hospital made a mistake in diagnosing the man’s death was caused by perforation of esophageal foreign object with subsequent complication”, – said the assistant Director of SU RF IC in the Krasnoyarsk territory Olga Degidi.

Press Secretary BSMP Andrey Lyubchenko neither confirmed nor denied by investigators provided information. “Now clarified all the circumstances of the incident”, – he said. The Ministry of health of the region did not comment on the situation until the completion of the inspection of law enforcement.

Now, investigators questioned the hospital staff and preparing for the seizure of medical records.