The Ministry of health is again changing the rules of admission to residency

The Ministry of health of Russia a year later made a change in the order of 11.05.2017, No. 212н about the procedure of admission for training on educational programs of higher education – internship. According to experts, an attempt was made to create the conditions to medical science earned.

The main changes are twofold. First, the universities the right to independently determine the number of foreign students and persons without citizenship, which they will train for a fee. Secondly, the maximum amount of points awarded for individual achievements, may not exceed 100. In the same order , the fellows of the President and the holders of diplomas with honors can obtain odds of 100 points (they can now count only on 20 and 15 points, respectively.

“Most likely, an attempt to create conditions that medical science has earned, – said the associate Professor of the Department of public health and health NSMU Igor Vasiliev in an interview – Perhaps this point is linked with the request of the President of Russia to increase the number of foreign students in domestic universities. And the second significant change relates to the accounting treatment and scoring. In the previous version was the basis for people bad passed the accreditation test, could score big points for personal achievements. Now set the upper limit of 100 points. However, for applicants much more important than how many seats will be allocated in residency. In addition, concerned about the fact that all the changes are on the go and in the living. The order changed every year. I do not exclude that next year we are waiting for another order on this subject”.

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