In Sechenovskiy University established the Institute of electronic education

The development of e-medical education has now reached the stage where no infrastructure is not enough. This base became the Institute of electronic education, created in Sechenovskiy University in the spring of 2018, said the rector of the First MSMU n. a. I. M. Sechenov Peter Glybochko, speaking at the IX all-Russian conference with international participation “Week of medical education – 2018”.

The main objectives of the Institute are: development of implementation strategies e-technologies in education, creation of a system of independent assessment of knowledge of students and teachers, create a national accreditation system of health professionals, integration of distance learning programs in continuing medical education.

The Institute includes educational accreditation centre of the University, center of continuous professional education, training center of medical practices “Praxi Medica”, Department of monitoring the quality of education and the center for medical information systems and technologies (MIST).

He headed the Institute of electronic education, the corresponding member of RAS, Professor Natalia Serova. She has presented a number of projects developing new structure. So, in a short time, lectures on all areas of training sechenovskiy University can be found on the Internet. The Institute’s specialists video-taped lectures 5-6 daily. For this purpose, the University is equipped with a special Studio.

“The project started on 3 April and 15 may have recorded 130 hours of video lectures. By September 1 we plan to place on a uniform educational portal 550 video lectures in one academic hour each, by the end of the year about 1 thousand hours”, – said the Professor Serov.

Created on the basis of the Institute and the kind of “single window” student – a platform that integrates all the necessary information about class schedules, the ability to create learning paths, access to all the materials, lectures, electronic library, etc.

Portal “Midcareer” – the common management portal, career and employment – another project of the Institute. For students it will become the intellectual assistant. Registered on the portal, students can manage their educational trajectory, to form a portfolio and to see their level of competency jobs.

According to the Professor, by may of 2019, 100% of the pediatric faculty, 70% of dental students and 50% of the students of the medical faculty should have in terms of developing e-learning and use the services (“single window” and “Midcareer”).