The Minister of health of Prikamye received a reprimand for the failure of delivery of vaccines against encephalitis

The Governor of the Perm edge Maxim Reshetnikov announced the disciplinary action the Minister of health of the region Dmitry Matveyev for failure of terms of delivery of vaccines against tick-borne encephalitis. It happened during a meeting of the regional government on may 16 to discuss the theme of summer holidays for children.

“At the end of April and beginning of may there were a lot of complaints from parents of students, of children’s clinics about the unavailability of vaccines against infection, which is transmitted by ticks. I was instructed to deal in this situation. The audit showed that we did have disruption in the procurement of the vaccine. I announced the recovery of the health Minister and gave him two weeks to rectify the situation,” – said the Governor of the local media.

About the situation with the shortage of vaccines against tick-borne encephalitis and tuberculosis (BCG-M) in Perm region became known almost two months ago, when the office of Rospotrebnadzor issued a warning to the Ministry of health of the region about the inadmissibility of actions for failure of terms of delivery of vaccines. According to the Supervisory authority, tenders for the purchase of tick vaccines was initiated only in March. In the region of the vaccine received in early may. While the standards of vaccination vaccination is done three months before the start of the season and the second after one to seven months.

Dmitry Matveev acknowledged the delay. He added, however, that due to weather conditions, the number of tick bites compared to last year was less than 1.5 times, below the level of infected ticks encephalitis. The Minister promised to complete the vaccination program against tick-borne encephalitis of the first half until the beginning of June. According to the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor, plans to vaccinate free of charge about 200 thousand inhabitants of Prikamye.