The Ministry of health of Tatarstan has assigned the right to enrol students at the Kazan medical University for the intended quota

Former Minister of health of the Republic of Tatarstan Adel Vafin in 2012 created a conflict of interest, combining work in the office management Department of health management at the Kazan medical University. On Wednesday, may 16, at the meeting in the Kazan Kremlin said the head of the anti-corruption Department at RT President Mars Badrutdinov.

According to him, the ex-Minister employed in KSMU in combination a number of his subordinates in the Ministry of health. In addition, with the filing of Adel Vafin, the Ministry has assigned the exclusive rights to the selection of students-tselevikov for the medical University, Kazan, reports the Internet-the newspaper “Real time”.

“We found a few students with scores much lower than others, but with influential parents,” said Mars Badrutdinov. He noted that even the survey of the employees of the Ministry have shown that the creation of the Minister and almost all his deputies to the conflict of interests was known to many. “Even in these circumstances it was possible to impeach”, – said the speaker, noting that the failure to take measures turned into a criminal case and a tragedy. Recall: suspected in embezzlement of budget funds, Deputy head of the Ministry of health of Tatarstan Elena Shishmaref committed suicide.

Also at the meeting were made public accusations against the former head physician of the Republican cancer dispensary, and ophthalmic hospital involvement in the procurement group of affiliated companies.

Adel Vafin, who headed the Ministry since 2013, was dismissed from his post in connection with transition to other work in February 2018 on their own. Later he was appointed as adviser to rector of Kazan Federal University.

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