A suggestion to include patients in the system of electronic education

To increase knowledge in the field of medicine and healthy lifestyles need not only doctors, but patients. This opinion was expressed by a member of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Valentina Petrenko. She spoke at a joint meeting of the Federation Council Committee on social policy and the General meeting of the Association “Council of rectors of medical and pharmaceutical higher educational institutions” in the framework of the IX all-Russian conference “medical education Week – 2018” in Sechenovskiy University.

“Everyone is talking about e-training and advanced training of doctors within the health system. It is definitely important. But no less important task: to include in the system of online education and population. Of course, to the extent of the need and relevance of knowledge in which it is possible and necessary”, – said the Senator.

The argument Valentina Petrenko led the protest movement “Mother Russia”, held in 70 regions of the country. It was aimed at raising awareness of women in the diagnosis and risk assessment of breast tumors. From the medical community actively took part in it: students, graduate students and faculty several medical schools that educates women about the need to undergo preventive examinations. In the end, 1 million 127 thousand women in the framework of the campaign called for the doctors. About 52 thousand were put on record with problems of varying difficulty.

A member of the Federation Council urged the audience to think about the implementation of educational programs for patients. In her view, this content will be necessary and required patient audience. In addition, the creation of such programs to attract doctors and graduate students but also medical students, which will increase the motivation of the latter to the fact that consciously choose medical specialty, said Valentina Petrenko.