The whole truth about hunger: is useful fasting?

It has long been known that starvation can be good for health. But what is its benefit? And what and why to starve? Let’s try to figure this out and help us in this expert – practitioner, specialist in therapeutic fasting, the chief physician of the Medical Center SpaGolod Alexander Barvinsky.


Why you need to starve?

A. B.: first I want to clarify one very important detail: fasting in General does not need anyone. Hunger in its ordinary sense is rather unpleasant or even terrifying phenomenon, which should be avoided. And when we’re going to talk about hunger, in fact we are going to talk about proven medical technique that really requires a certain period, when a person drinks only water, eats nothing but observes a number of rules. Taken together, these rules form a method, which is often called fasting, but in fact its correct name – fasting-diet therapy.

Are there any contraindications for fasting? How to choose an optimal number of days?

A. B.: of Course, as with any serious medical therapy in fasting there are contraindications. These are serious metabolic disorders, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute stage, severe heart failure. But diseases in which fasting is shown to be much more. It can be used to treat the majority of chronic diseases, diseases of autoimmune nature, ranging from skin, ending with bronchial asthma and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as psychosomatic illnesses, neuroses, etc.

The time of fasting, used to treat, and are selected by the individual specialist. If we are talking about fasting for disease prevention, detoxification, rejuvenation and weight loss, for most relevant terms from 5 to 10 days.

Why can’t you starve at home?

A. B.: Self-starvation carries a large amount of risk. Literally this morning I started with a call of a man who starved themselves and ended up in the hospital. The mistakes that he made, becomes impossible, if a person is hungry in the sanatorium, under the supervision of experts.

What happens to the body during fasting?

A. B.: During fasting, our body starts a cascade of mechanisms that lead to a series of remarkable effects, from weight loss and ending with rejuvenation, a cleansing of the body at the cellular level, treatment of diseases. These mechanisms are well studied, but nevertheless modern science every year makes new discoveries in this area, and we are learning more and more actual way in which fasting allows us to improve your health and live longer. For example, the discovery of the protein of youth, FGF-21, which is synthesized by our body during fasting, and ensures us an active longevity. Or the process of autophagy, which lead to the purification of cells in our body from “intracellular garbage.”


What are the main rules of fasting?

A. B.: As I said, if fasting goes through all the rules, nothing but good it brings. Basic principles: the absence of contraindications; voluntary, positive attitude during the course; keeping the dosage of fasting; perform cleaning procedures; withdrawal from hunger.

How often can I starve ?

A. B.: With the goal of preventing illness, losing weight, cleansing the body full of fasting (5-10 days) is advantageously carried out 1-2 times per year; three days can be carried out once in two months, and if you have extra weight, and once a month; fasting days on the water 1 time a week.

Do I need to make Dubai liver ?

A. B.: Tyubazh liver is an optional thing. The therapeutic effect of hunger is much stronger and more important than the effect of the tyubazh. Starve without tyubazh possible, although sometimes patients note that fasting is much better tolerated. Anyway tyubazh is an important event, a method of preventing gallstones.

It gives tyubazh functionally?

A. B.: Tyubazh liver – a complex event, aimed at cleansing the bile ducts of the liver and gallbladder of provocation by the process of bile choleretic teas. In this phrase, as in the process of tyubazh, it turns out a lot of bile. After this event the liver is much better at her job, including increasing its regenerative function.