Why do I get a dry nose?

Dryness of the nasal mucosa discomfort and inconvenience. As a result, in nose can form a crust and cracks, and bleeding. If this symptom is bothering you for several days or weeks, it is not necessary to ignore it.

Dryness of the nose: causes

Dryness inside the nose can not deliver less discomfort than a cold. Sometimes it is accompanied by dry mouth. The human nose performs not only the function of smell, it also protects our body from germs and dust. This is why you should care that his mucous membranes were moist.

Why do I get a dry nose? Dry mucous membranes due to lack of moisture, which is produced by the insufficient amount of mucus. The dryness has a negative impact on the protective functions of the body, the immune system. There are several reasons for dryness of the nose, including weather conditions and autoimmune diseases. In most cases, the problem can be treated with home remedies.

The main causes of dryness in the nose:

  • Climatic conditions — especially in the summer and winter when the air humidity is at a minimum level. Compounding the problem is the air conditioners and heaters. In the result of dry mucous membranes and cracked.
  • Smoking. Studies show that smokers are much more likely to suffer from this problem than those who do not smoke.
  • Allergic rhinitis, which is accompanied by excess mucus in the nose. Frequent use of sprays to cleanse the nasal passages can trigger dryness.
  • Some drugs — for example, antihistamines. They cause dryness in the nose, mouth and even eyes.
  • Dehydration — maybe you drink too little water. Try to drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day.
  • Sjogren disease is an autoimmune disease characterized by dryness of all mucous membranes of the body. Found in very rare cases.
  • The period of menopause. Women in this period can suffer from dryness of the mucous membranes of the nose, this is due to hormonal changes and a decrease of collagen level in the body.
  • High blood pressure — if the dryness is accompanied by bleeding from the nose.

If you drink plenty of liquids and home remedies moisturize mucous membranes do not help, you need to consult a doctor.

Dry nose: what to do and how to treat?

Most often, the dryness can be eliminated with the help of home remedies. Also you need to drink more water and to humidify the air in the workplace and at home, to try to use less air conditioners and heaters, ventilate the room.

Home treatment of dryness in the nose:

Vaseline. Apply a small amount of vaseline with your fingers on the inside of the nose. Repeat the procedure every 4-5 hours.

Buy a humidifier. In sale you can find budget models for the price of $ 5. This device has a positive effect on your lungs, immune system and the organism as a whole.

Nasal spray with sea water. It clears the nose from dust and microorganisms, but also moisturizes it and does not dry.

Drink plenty of water. The body you need to hydrate not only outside but inside. Do not forget to drink water between meals. Try to reduce the consumption of caffeinated drinks.

If the dryness caused by antihistamines, consult your doctor and ask him to reduce the dosage or replace it with an alternative.

Give up cigarettes.

After reviewing the main causes of dryness in the nose, you will be able to cope with the problem with the help of home methods. When aggravation of the situation should definitely seek medical help.

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