Basic test: test how well your mind works!

Only 5 people out of a hundred pass the test on the first attempt!

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Элементарный тест: проверь, хорошо ли работает твой мозг!

1. Wherever you are reading these lines right now, close your eyes. Now, say 10 items that were in front of you. Open your eyes and check yourself: did I? If you were able to name 8 or more — it’s all right. If less than 5 is worse.

2. Write your own or ask someone to write on the sheet 10 in any way unrelated nouns. A more complicated version for advanced — to include in the list, and adjectives, and verbs. Look at the page for 30 seconds, flip it and repeat the words in the correct sequence. if you missed 1 or 2 words — not scared anymore — it’s time to exercise your memory!

3. Our unscramble anagrams (make words from the offered letters) for 1 minute




4. Continue a numeric pattern, you have 1 minute:

1 2 4 7 11 16 …

5. Imagine that you have a big box stacked mixed equal numbers of white and black socks. At least how many socks do you need to get (blind) to match the same color? To answer — 10 seconds!

ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS 3, 4 and 5 below!

Getti Images

3. Orange, Pear, Suitcase

4. 22

5. 3 sock