11 bad girlfriends. Know? Run!

…But better — talk to her. Maybe she just didn’t think about how her behavior looks like from your point of view. And if she values your relationship, you really try not to be one of those girls… Unless, of course, we are not talking about dependencies. Then just run.

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11 плохих подруг. Узнала? Беги!

  1. A friend who is only about himself and loves to talk. You told her you were going on vacation in the Crimea, and forced to listen to her endless stories about how she went to the pike with a buddy and La-La-La, I, I, I. This girl may not be so self-centered as it seems. Her real problem is that she has ADHD, and she drew it just for that part of the conversation that you can apply to yourself, instead focus on what you want to say. Real friends are able to listen to you.
  2. A friend who sleeps with a guy you like. And she knows about it, but not even talked to you first. You know perfectly well that not every man you can fall in love, I will answer you back, and you’re a grown man, to accept it. But from a friend as if it was expected that it will wipe away your tears about the failed relationship, at least explain and not beat you up silently on a spirited horse.
  3. A friend who is not happy for you, when in your life there is something serious and momentous. For example, you got a new job, or getting married, or you have planned a lovely honeymoon in Spain. When you share with your friends, you expect them to be happy for you, and don’t try to outdo you, or to change the subject, or say something questionable.
  4. A friend who expects you to do anything for her, but not willing to reciprocate. You look after her cat every time she leaves, but she never got out walking your dog. You visit her with a full package of Goodies, and she to you — empty-handed. You will always help her choose the dress or to understand the intricacies of a relationship with her PM, and she even not going to pick up, if you need to vent or urgent to do something to help. This is not friendship, but a one-sided game. It is necessary to you?
  5. A friend who is a good word to say about your other friends. We don’t have to like friends to each other. But this does not mean that you should discredit them in your eyes, because you they are expensive. It is unlikely that these people seriously annoy her. Most likely, she just likes to make drama out of nothing.
  6. A friend who envies you. This is easy to understand: she constantly makes backhanded comments about everything you do, from bending over backwards, just to outdo you. If it is more important to compete than to be friends, is it worth spending time on it?
  7. Negativity. She doesn’t like everyone you both meet, every party you go to, every shop, cafe, concert… even With her and there is nothing to discuss, decry it all. Communication with such people is just depressing. Want to be happy surround yourself with positive.
  8. A friend who no longer wants to have anything in common with you as soon as she has a new boyfriend. No matter what you supported her in the time of the last difficult goodbye — now she is fine, and friends forgotten. So you forget, and then she will run to you to cry out and disappear when things get better.
  9. A friend who is giving you backhanded compliments. From the series: “You’re a natural! It’s good that you’re not obsessed with cosmetics. Don’t be ashamed of the wrong damn person!” Or: “Look, tell me how to get better. And then I did it — it’s not in the horse feed. Here what you normally eat, for example?”, “If I hadn’t known, never would have thought that you’re 10 years older than me!”. And all of this is usually voiced when the man who looks at you with interest. Well, well. The most idiotic that the people who give out such bitchy comments really think it’s their colors. Pathetic, miserable creatures.
  10. Friend who so often you dynamite, that it is unclear how it is to live it manages at this level of responsibility. When you agree to meet, you have a better chance to marry brad pitt than to see her at the appointed hour. However, she is lying, writing excuses, blames you that you to her reproach, and take to heart her little levity — Oh-La-La! This behavior is not anything charming and cute: it just means she doesn’t respect you, your time and your friendship.
  11. A friend who is trying to get you involved in drinking or experimenting with drugs. “No means no” and end the discussion. There are people who believe that everything in life should try (for some reason under “all” often means not climbing to the mountain top and the volunteering in Africa, and excesses of all sorts of bad). Let them try — without you. If you know how to enjoy life without harmful dependencies, why waste time on people who drag you down?