British doctors are allowed to prescribe drugs based on cannabis

In the UK, the legislation will allow physicians to prescribe medications based on cannabis to patients with epilepsy, according to Reuters.

As stated by the British interior Minister Sajid Javid, the doctors of appropriate specialties will be able to use drugs based on cannabis since the autumn of this year.

The decision to weaken the legal prohibition of the drugs of this kind should, for the resonant case 12-year-old Billy Caldwell with a severe form of epilepsy. Then Sajid Javid exceptionally authorized the use of cannabis oil for medical purposes. This case caused a wide resonance and allowed to raise the issue of possible legalization of using marijuana for treatment of children with epilepsy.

“Cases with sick children made me realize that our position on medicines derived from cannabis, is not satisfactory, said Sajid Javid. – Following the recommendations of experts of two independent Advisory groups, it was decided to revise the designation of drugs based on cannabis, and now they will be available by prescription”.

Scientists discover more evidence that medical cannabis can relieve the severity of epilepsy and of other conditions for example chronic pain, symptoms of multiple sclerosis and chemotherapy induced nausea.

As you know, several countries, including Germany, Italy, Denmark already allowed the use of cannabis for medical purposes. Last month, Canada became the second country in the world to fully legalize the use of cannabis, ending the prohibition, which operated for 90 years.

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