Give me back control! How to get rid of alien influence on your life

It so happens that we hurt accidentally told a colleague words or other little things. In such moments it seems that someone has power over our lives. If those moments are becoming more and more, it’s time to regain control of yourself! Here is what is his loss — certainly on some occasions you did not know.

Вита Зорина

Vita Zorina


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Vita Zorina
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Верни контроль! Как избавиться от чужого влияния на твою жизнь

1. You feel guilty for no reason

Someone hurt your feelings, and you do not like wanted? Stand your ground and not give in to provocations. This is especially important in online communication.

2. You give the opinions of others

Remember, you’re not hundred-ruble bill to please everyone. There are people who don’t like you, there are those who don’t like your attitude or opinion. Not to give too much importance on other people’s words and begin to hate yourself for no reason.

3. You don’t have clear personal boundaries

You have to decide who to let into your life. If someone starts too affect your actions, it’s time to revise the boundaries: emotional, physical, financial.

4. You don’t like what you have to do

In the end your time you dispose yourself. You don’t have to go to the unloved work, visit the doctor or a family event. Yes, there will be consequences, but still it’s your choice, and not imposed from outside.

5. Are you jealous of someone

The life of another person, this does not prevent, but may prevent you. Anger at the events of the past also takes time and effort, as well as communication with toxic people. Don’t spend all their mental resources.

6. You’re changing the goal, if you received a denial

If you didn’t get the job or not selected in the competition, this does not mean that we should give up, to accept and not to put such purposes. Did not work now will work later.

7. You allow others to provoke yourself

It is not necessary to communicate with those who know how to get you off balance and force him to say or do something you might regret. Defend what you hold dear, don’t let others to influence it.

8. You communicate with those who are unpleasant

Every minute, when you think about the conversation with such a man or complain about him is a minute wasted.

9. You pretty much give in to criticism

Criticism from other people is a powerful tool in order to do something better. But don’t avoid something just because it can criticize. It is impossible to live a normal life if your main goal is to please others.