Presents new data on the effect of HRT on cognitive function of postmenopausal women

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is not associated with reduced cognitive function in healthy women starting treatment aged 50 years. The results of the study were presented at the international conference of the Association for the fight against Alzheimer’s disease (AAIC), held July 21-26 in Chicago.

After analyzing research data, including demonstrated conflicting results, the authors found no adverse effects of HRT on cognitive function in women who started therapy at the age of 50-54 years, reports The Pharmaceutical Journal.

However, among those who took HRT in the 65-79 years, it was revealed the decrease in cognitive abilities, working memory and Executive functions. Women with diabetes of the 2nd type on the background of HRT also showed an increased risk of developing cognitive impairment compared to participants not suffering from diabetes, but taking HRT, and women with diabetes, placebo.

“These results extend our understanding of the complex effects of hormones on the brain, – was declared by the authors. – These data are essential in order to determine the strategy of medical care for women during and after menopause and to help women make personalized and informed decisions regarding treatment of menopausal symptoms and prevention of future adverse health effects”.

As stated by one of the members of the AAIC, “healthy women who started taking HRT at age 50, soon after menopause, can feel confident because this study suggests that the application of HRT with the specified age and decrease in functioning of the brain is not.”

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