“Healing” photos Lavrov applied to Russian roads, poverty and the state Duma

A publication of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia on Twitter: “healing” photos of the head of Department Sergey Lavrov with the tricolor became the occasion for numerous memes and jokes. So, members of the community, “Lentech”imagined that with the help of the picture it is possible to improve Russian roads and defeat poverty. Some have decided that the photo is able to correct the work of the state Duma, which passes unpopular laws.

Community member “Lentech” Ilya Kashuba

Community member “Lentech” Pavel senkiv

Community member “Lentech” Vitaly Melekhov

Other users have attached a photo with Lavrov to built for the 2018 world Cup stadium in Volgograd, which is washed away after the world Cup, showers.

Community member “Lentech” Paul Iskander

In addition, football fans imagined that “healing” a photo is able to relieve the suffering of the Brazilian footballer Neymar, who is ridiculed for frequent simulation on the field.

Community member “Lentech” Alexander Spavin

We will remind, the Russian foreign Ministry has published on Twitter a photo of Lavrov, with the Russian tricolor. The “photo healing. Attach to the sore spot on the planet. In some geographical locations may have the effect of exorcism”, — joked in the Ministry.

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the Bay and the tricolor were made at the forum “Territory” on the Klyazma. “One last time it was a photo with the globe, now with the flag” — she said in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”. However, many found the joke with “healing” the photo is inappropriate.