Rare surgical operation in premature infants held in Siberia

Chief pediatric surgeon of the SFO, head of the Center for surgery and resuscitation of newborns in Ivano-Matreninskaya children’s clinical hospital Yuri Kozlov had two rare surgeries on the basis of the Kemerovo regional children’s hospital. Patients become underweight children with atresia of duodenum and esophagus, the weight of each of them is 1300 grams.

“It used to be that there are physiological obstacles for carrying out endoscopic operations in premature infants is immature lungs, unstable hemodynamics, the body’s response to the introduction of carbon dioxide, but gradually it became clear that observing some conditions, you can achieve that hemodynamics, the child will be stable. First, such operations are performed in premature patients weighing 1200-1500 grams. with an open arterial duct. Gradually the lower limit of the weight of patients began to shift and we operated on children weighing 650 grams,” – said Medvestnik.ru Yuri Kozlov.

Surgeon practices field operations in the Kemerovo, Yakutsk and other cities of the Far East. “The doctors who help me, at the time, was an Intern at our centre. We need to teach specialists in the field to perform these operations, because the transport of premature infants in remote centres sometimes impossible, prevent this vital violations, various forms of organ failure. Any transportation will only lead to deterioration. Sometimes we need to operate not only in the hospital where they were born, but in that room where they are. We often do”, – said Yuriy Kozlov.

According to him, now both patients feel good, can make their own food and are breastfeeding. “We understand that if prematurity can meet any malformations. Previously, those operations that we are quietly doing newborns – if atresia of the esophagus, diaphragmatic hernia, with the utmost care was carried out in underweight children. But over time we have improved our skills and put them on stream. Now the center performed more than hundreds of such surgeries”, – said the chief pediatric surgeon of the SFO.

He noted that in Russia the surgery premature babies by two companies – the Irkutsk center and Filatov children’s hospital (Moscow). “We have comparable results, they are close to world. Abroad such interventions is also rare – they spend about ten centers”, – said Yuri Kozlov.