The highest targeted recruitment of local students achieved at Rostov state medical University

In 2018 the share of seats of the Rostov region in the target admission of students to medical and pediatric faculties of Rostov gosmeduniversiteta reached a record high of 73% (excluding quotas for people with disabilities and FMBA). This is the highest figure in the University over the past five years.

“For example, in 2017 the share accounted for 69% – said the rector of Rostov state medical University Sergey Shlyk. Thanks largely to a targeted set of students in the region the situation has improved markedly with the provision of medical institutions with medical personnel. Today, the staffing of health care organizations of doctors is 87%. Although there are still imbalances: the primary care manpower is only slightly greater than 70%”.

The quality of training of specialists of the Rostov state medical University is at a high level. At the end of the initial accreditation graduates of this year only 1,39% not coped with the tasks of the exam and are unable to confirm the readiness to work in the profession. This is almost 1.5 times less than the national average, said the rector.