5 myths about happiness that prevent you to be truly happy

Sometimes we make happy unpredictable and banal things, and sometimes we feel utterly miserable, even when everything seems to be fine. Maybe because I believe these 5 myths about happiness?

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5 мифов о счастье, которые мешают тебе быть по‑настоящему счастливой

I’m happy, if always in a good mood!

Is medical message modern couch, forcing people to wear masks and lie. For crises in the mood there are still two more appropriate strategy to solve a problem or to get rid of negative emotions. Both need time. You cannot prevent yourself to experience lovesickness or pain, here to grieve honestly, to be happy again. But no need to slow down yourself in the process, reveling in suffering: to suffer, but do not kill all out of life. It means to overcome.

I’m lucky if I popular!

No one can be happy when around the emptiness and loneliness. This does not mean, however, that man is the happier, the more imaginary friends in social networks and phone numbers in the phone book. One interesting conversation a week with people you really interesting, gives you more than daily parties with casual acquaintances.

I’m happy if kept under control of your life!

You do everything right, live on a schedule, don’t allow yourself mistakes and recklessness, and gradually your whole life turns into Groundhog day. Think maybe you let yourself free? Happiness loves surprises and unexpected: it’s good to try new positions or change yoga to swimming.

I’m happy, if you go in the direction of my main goal!

If you have found a great love, if you have children, if you without stopping running, so all is well. But if dreams were over, around breeds emptiness. So don’t forget to dream even about the simplest things: the dream — not bad!

I’m happy if you love me for who I am!

Wisdom is known: to be loved by others, you need to love yourself and accept your own weaknesses. If you know about their shortcomings — bad mood in the morning or excessive straightforwardness, know also that it is quite mutable traits. And if you ask, for example, a friend say “stop” when you oversteer, you’ll learn to control your weaknesses and turn them into advantages.

In short, happiness is a changeable condition of the body, depending on your initiative and desire. Our mental health depends on 50% personality, 10% on external circumstances. And remain still 40% that we can steer yourself through thoughts and actions.