In the Russian children’s clinical hospital launched an innovative scanner

Launching an innovative 128-slice CT scanner, the Philips Ingenuity Elite took place on 3 August at the Russian children’s clinical hospital of the Russian national research medical University them. N. And. Pirogov Russian Ministry Of Health.

As said at the opening ceremony, chief physician of medical institution Kirill Konstantinov, introduction the operation of modern CT system will significantly improve the quality of medical care in the country’s largest children’s multidisciplinary hospital complex, to ensure the smooth and expeditious carrying out a wide range of pediatric research.

Thanks to the installation of Ingenuity Elite doctors will be able to obtain superior visualization with surveys. The array received data is processed on a workstation IntelliSpace Portal IX, which ensures the high productivity of the radiology Department. Among the main advantages of the new device – the use of IMR technology, which will allow experts to get almost noiseless images. This significantly reduced radiation exposure, and the rendering quality remains high. This technology is particularly relevant in Pediatrics, where even the smallest received dose is of fundamental importance, said a senior Director of medical imaging systems of Philips in Russia and the CIS Mikhail Goncharov.

Kirill Konstantinov thanked the provider: “the Company has met the hospital took into account our wishes, which do not belong in a technical specification when purchasing this equipment, at their own expense, helped us to conduct some additional work, including a set of new office furniture.”

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