Intuition. Believe it or not?

Intuition. For some it is what you should rely, for others — an invention of the pseudo and the mysterious voice from another dimension. Intuition is not a secret of a certain organism, available to few people or a manifestation of magic, or contact with higher powers. It’s just another way of human thinking. This knowledge, feeling, experience, amazing flash of insight, explain psychologists.

Intuition works on a subconscious level. Whole life gathering information, experience, which then the brain processes, creating various associations. A doctor working for many years in their profession often knows what research is needed, looking at the patient. Also, a good psychologist should not do hundreds of questionnaires and tests to know where can be the main cause of customer problems. Not otherwise is the case with the prospector, fisherman, mushroom hunter, business consultant or seller.

In today’s world ingrained the notion of “female intuition”. Experts agree that ladies are willing to use this resource, but it is not because they are in that aspect more skills from men. Men have the same opportunities as women. However, in European culture, men are expected to cool and stable thinking and logical understanding.

Intuition under control

Studies show that the appeal to intuition in those moments in which conscious analysis of the situation would be difficult or even impossible. Experts note that it is difficult to compare the thinking of the conscious and subconscious, and even more so to assert, which one is better or more reliable. It is about people to take into account both types of information, both rational and intuitive.

Too strong a belief in the infallibility of his intuition, can lead to trouble. An experiment was conducted, which showed that, based on my own hunch, people are not able to ignore the irrefutable conclusions, for example, of mathematical knowledge. Study participants were available to the Bank with 10 beans (9 white and 1 red) and with 100 beans (93 whites and 7 Reds). The objective was to get red beans. Despite the fact that the probability of pulling beans was more the case, if we take them from the jar with 10 beans, participants may be more likely to resort to more Bank. As claimed by the creators of the study, the participants knew that it is an irrational decision. However, they were guided by their feeling, saying that the greater the number of beans, the greater the likelihood of success.

How, then, do not bend in contact with the inner voice?

There are situations in which intuitive thinking is something that particularly should be considered. There are many areas of life in which the rational, conscious, analytical, algorithmic thinking just doesn’t work. The most obvious are the interpersonal relationships are areas of life like Economics, medicine, or politics.

Instead of fighting and to calm your inner voice, give it a full sound. You don’t always need to agree with him in making decisions, but this is adviser whose opinion to ask.