“You are!”: 8 normal things does not make you a bitch

Yes, it is absolutely normal actions. Although some will try to say about you: “Well, bitch!” — if you behave that way. But it’s not you. It is not in you. Because this is all normal:

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«Сами такие!»: 8 нормальных поступков, которые вовсе не делают тебя стервой

To say “no”

When asking for something really difficult for you. Of course you can in the middle of the week to go to five in the morning to the airport to meet the girl’s brother… And then to be angry, sleepy, to fill up a monthly report, to yell at a loved one and so on and so forth. But you know you CAN do it, but do not have to. If you have the desire and the mood is complete the request — if not, just tell me about it. Only in no case do not start to justify and explain the reasons for the refusal is the reason for unnecessary debate. You’d be surprised how quickly brother will have to accept your firm “no” and go find someone more compassionate.

To demand compensation of losses

Honestly, saying about the arrogance and happiness is very vital. When in the café the soup is cold, and the little salad of strawberries and plenty of apples — feel free to call the waiter and ask for the administrator, the chef and the other responsible for the mess employees. Wording could be something like this: “Tell me who can help me with this issue.” It is important not to fuss and not to complain, but to offer options that can reconcile you with the terrible service: bowl of strawberries as a compliment from the institution, a discount card shop or a free tour from delinquent agencies…

Not to play the role of vests

Of course you are very worried when the girlfriend trouble with men, money, boss, or weight… Approximately the first 90 times. On the 91st time to start worrying about their own mental health and to invite the friend to refer her to any specialist. After all, if the issue is so severe that you were unable to resolve it with the help of long discussions, it’s time to turn to someone more competent in this matter: go to the labour exchange, talk to a therapist or doctor-dietitian. The fact that she complains, you listen, only passes the problem from a sick head on healthy. And your own and only.

Just to say that you don’t like

Your boyfriend is something annoying. Even moreover, something angry. But all your hints he had one reaction: “come on, kitten, don’t make such a face”. And you smile and suffer-suffer-suffer. While not explode and are not satisfied with the grandiose scandalise. And he does not understand why suddenly so excited. Better from the beginning to put everything in its place: “I hate it when a man smokes at the table, and washes your socks my peach soap”. You want to be heard and understood, — speak clearly and understandably.

Do not sit on the bench

Your girlfriend reports that will answer, I’ll go with you to the movies, after she finds out, what are you doing tonight her boyfriend or colleague? It is not necessary to wait for quite a while, then to hear: “Sorry, but my Peter offered me tagooooo…” as soon As you are put on a waiting list, smile politely and say “Please don’t worry, today I’ll go to a movie by myself, and with you let’s catch up next time”. So you give the person a chance to reconsider your relationship. You don’t want a friend who’s Dating you only because nobody has proposed anything else?

To conduct subversive activities

You are going nice female staff and wash up bones to all nepriyatelem. You can take an active part in the debate; to appeal to the conscience of gossip, instilling in them that say nasty things behind someone’s back is bad; to speak maliciously and break down stereotypes. I advise you to choose a third way: “who told you that M the relationship with the chief? Wow! They came on a single machine in the morning? Then I have a relationship with half the city’s taxis! Do you think my reputation is still possible though something to help?”

To recall the debt

You have borrowed money, some important thing and not return. You’re in, but I hesitate to remind. Angry-angry-angry. Quietly. Don’t work yourself into a white heat. Directly ask when you will give you due. If the debtor asks for deferment, you should offer him to pay the debt in installments and to specify the terms. And there is nothing to be ashamed of the fact that you no longer want to communicate with someone that once took something in debt and has not returned after several reminders.

To have an opinion

For example, Japanese cinema genius, “the Little Prince” is a textbook of life, and arugula is the Queen of salads. But you somehow don’t like to look at how real people swallow fishing hooks, the Prince seems to be a boring turd (whether it Carlson!), and rocket your taste buds completely refuse to accept. Why look uninteresting, boring, admire, and eat tasteless? If you like some jam tarts and a movie with Hugh Grant where at the end everybody gets married and kiss each other, feel free to talk about it. You’d be surprised how many followers you have suddenly found!