Another fake doctor exposed to the South of the country

In Yeisk private medical center led the man not only was expelled from medical school after a few months after admission, but who has already been convicted for forgery.

To expose false doctor helped ex-wife. She admits that on an extreme measure pushed her unworthy behavior of a man after the divorce process. However, not one she kept a secret, not thinking about the consequences, which can lead to “playing doctor”. It turns out that with the fake diploma doctor had to work hard in Yeisk CRH, but when he was exposed, was able somehow to persuade the leadership not to dismiss it with a “wolf ticket”, and to give to leave of their own accord.

This is the third case in the South of Russia last year when medicine find random people. The first scandal occurred in North Ossetia, the second in Volgograd.

Every time the townsfolk wonder how this “expert” could take to work, where I watched the personnel Department. Personnel service specialists retort that authentication of documents is not included in their duties. Besides, they have no authority to do.

“The government needs a more responsible approach to the authentication of certificates of all professionals in employment, with their accreditation and certification, says Krasnodar lawyer Alexander Makarov. Given the fact that in our country for decades openly sell diplomas of different universities, it is necessary to legislate the duty of personnel services organizations to request proof of delivery of diplomas to the experts”.